24 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 299

  1. It would make me feel a bit anxious. 😃 Luckily I have a library at about 5 minutes walk so being the fact that I’m anxious until I find my answers, I would definitely go there. 😁

  2. I’d do like I did before google existed and try and figure it out or ask someone else.. Today’s big question was how in the heck do I know Shaw from Bones. Most of my queries are as pointless as that..

  3. Not that fussed, TBH. What they tend to show is the most popular answers. I don’t always want the “popular” answer. I want real information, not opinion, so I putter.

      1. Not, necessarily, it’s a matter of the politics or policies of the author or editor. So, let’s say I’m looking for a particular recipe. I’m going to look at multiple sources/books to get a “feel” for the core of my search. Then the rabbit holes pop up, and they *must* be investigated.

  4. yikes that would actually suck. I might actually have to- God forbid- find and read a book about the topic :0 or find someone who knows something about it. ://

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