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  1. To Markiplier
    1) what’s it like to have people you don’t know but know you?
    2) what has been your inspiration to keep updating as well as you do?
    3) if you could be Chica, his dog, for a day, what would you do?
    4) what’s some advice you’d give to people battling their mental illnesses?
    5) what’s your favorite fruit?
    Threw in some silly ones to make up for the seriousness 😂

  2. ummm I don’t know because there’s so many people I’d like to sit with…
    1. Why did you say so many things and not mean them?
    2. Did you ever care about me ?
    3. If you could change anything about us what would it be?
    4. Did you lie to me ?
    5. Did you ever see a future?

    I know just sounds daft but oh well…


    thanks for the post!

  3. Dear Colonel Sanders, because why not?!

    1. Dear Colonel what qualifications do you have to be a Colonel? Did you go to a special chicken school or was it like the military where you had boot camp, and did you do a chicken obstacle course?
    2. What’s the deal with the white suit? Doesn’t seem practical while frying chicken. I personally would have liked seeing it in red or maybe teal.
    3. What is in the mashed potatoes and gravy? I’m starting to think it’s crack because I am rather addicted to them.
    4. You claim your chicken is the original receipt but it took Edison a thousand tries to make the light bulb and yet you perfected chicken after one attempt? I wonder how amazing your chicken could be if you worked on it a little more. I think the peppery taste is a bit weird and just wonder what you could have accomplished if you weren’t so quick to sellout.
    5. What qualifiers makes it finger lickin good?

      1. It’s probably a good thing the chicken isn’t great.. I have been on a slow decent into vegetarianism for several years now. I certainly wouldn’t give up the meat willingly but everything taste funny now. I feel like I’m being forced off it which is good because meat is murder. Just wish I grew up without it because getting off the chicken is harder than getting off crack. It’s true, because crack dealers aren’t on every corner and they don’t have convenient drive-thrus.

      2. 😆😆 yes, chicken is one of those convienient “drugs”. But many chicken joints aren’t good like they used to be: Popeyes got cheap with their biscuits (they’ve gotten smaller and rock hard by the next day), Bojangles (chicken is straight up calcified grease by the next day, biscuits are really good same day and next day), Church’s Chicken( I would never eat because 5 pieces for $1.25 is suspect🤔😂).

      3. Lol that’s funny. Yeah there is cheap then there is too cheap. I have noticed a lot of companies try to keep the price down but they skip out on the quality. I personally would rather pay a little more and get the same stuff I had twenty years over today’s crap or Church’s mystery meat.

    1. Dear words words words:

      I don’t believe your surname is familiar to me, sir. Now, who did you say your daddy was, again?…

      1) Regarding the aspersions you see fit to bestow upon my premonicker, I’ll have you know that, as an honorary title bestowed upon my humble self by all two of my closest cronies, I regard its provenance as superior to any academy or institution dedicated merely to wiping out the chickens among the wilting flower of our decreasingly chivalrous young men.

      2) Regarding my summer attire: It being painfully obvious that your inner makeup bears absolutely no vestige of sartorial subtlety, I’ll forego the dubious undertaking of attempting to instill it in the absolutely unsympathetic medium of your awareness. Red or real, indeed!

      3) Having been assured that the cra– ah, secret ingredient in our mashed potatoes and gravy is undetectable to any investigative device, I can categorically state that the answer to your question is, “would you care for a complimentary serving?”

      4) Son, you’re making too much hard work out of some picnic chicken, here. The people are buying it by the ton. I’m rich. I see nothing about this equation requiring adjustment.

      5) The deliciousness of my fingers — why doesn’t it work for yours?

      1. Is this Colonel Sanders back from the greasy beyond? You talk just like Foghorn Leghorn or at least you do in my mind.

        I think I would have respected you even if had decided to call yourself the Grease Meister and wore a backwards hat. Sure your spiked taters are the best but let’s be honest after picking up your chicken the only thing that is left coating my fingers is a layer of grease and not some delicious seasoning.

      2. That’s insane. I’m not doubting you but really that’s crazy. I think it would take a lot of effort to put out that many lies. I can’t really comprehend it personally.

    2. This just made my day :)))) I’d add one more question: why the hell didn’t you steal the fried potatoes recipe from McDonalds? Your fries would have been better.

  4. Hahahaha Seriously! As a reporter, this is the hardest part for me … coming up with questions to ask.
    I am inspired by all the wonderful women in the world who choose to life each other up rather than tear them down.

    1) Who inspires you?
    2) What drives you to do what you do?
    3) What is your life philosophy?
    4) When was the last time you were faced with a difficult challenge and how did you overcome it?
    5) What is your perfect pizza?

  5. I can’t think of someone who I admire at the moment. I just admire thoses who stand out by not being conventional.
    1) As a child, what was your favorite thing to do?
    2) Who do you admire (If anyone)?
    3) What is your favorite word?
    4) What was the best thing you read this week?
    5) Do you think you’ve reached your full potential?

  6. I didn’t know him long enough to admire him the most but I’d love to know his answers to:
    1) What was it like to be in WWII and Korea?
    2) What was it like to go to Antarctica and Arctic in the 50’s
    3) What do you like about me?
    4) Are you proud of how I filled in for you and the decisions I’ve made?
    5) Are you pleased with what I’ve become and my family?

  7. 1. Do you prefer a beautiful lie or a bitter truth?
    2. If this is were your last day of living, how would you want to spend your last moments?
    3. What did you want to be growing up?
    4. What kind of people that you hate?
    5. Do you think we are alone in this universe?

    1. Okay, I’m sure you don’t know I’m actually living, jor am I the person you admire most since you don’t even know me, yet you have some interesting questions.
      1-bitter truth
      2-surrounded by loved ones and books 😂
      3-math teacher
      4-the “OH MY GOD!” girls…the “did you see that shoe? It cost only, like, 80 dollars and it’s so ooooooh pretty”…the I-think-it-is-cool-to-be-rude people…the fake people…the Judgy people…basically 75% of the population.
      5-in some ways, yes. As our souls will lie in torment or bliss by themselves, ether in life, death etc.
      Sorry, I just had to answer.

      1. Your answer to fourth question is just gold. I was almost certain nearly every woman would be like that if they spot sales everywhere

        But then I don’t get it if they turn down a 50$ shoes for another pair of shoes that cost 50$ after being discounted…

      2. Exactly! It’s almost like they just put the “discount” sign without it being an actual discount! Nobody doesn’t love sale, but a real sale is like getting a 15$ shirt when it was like 45$ before the discount and it’s quality is worth the price. But maybe it’s just me since I despise shopping…

  8. I cannot think of a person I would say I admire the most. Is this somehow bad? (I think so…)
    So if I really have to pick up one, it will be my mum.

    1)How did you push yourself through hard times?
    2)How did you manage to come to terms with unrealised dreams?
    3)Do you have a secret for inner peace and disappointments management?
    4)What is the happiest memory of your life?
    5)Do you have a future goal/dream you want to accomplish?

  9. Wouldn’t ask any questions, just have a polite conversation about living life and the universe.. by doing so I am sure more than 5 of my questions would be answered to some degree… 🙂 Happy Valentines day!.. hope the day, and every day, be all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂

  10. Since i don’t really admire anyone, i’ll assume my cat would turn into a human for an hour.
    To my cat:
    What’s your name? Like what do other cats call you
    Do you like living with us or would you prefer other arrangements?
    Do you understand human talk?
    Can your read?
    What can i do to make you happy?

      1. Because they are lazy during the day. People run in the morning, cats run in the middle of the night. And jump. Apparently they need min. 15 minute exercise daily and if you don’t play with them they’ll sprint over your head when you least expect it 😺✌

  11. Picking the person I admire most is really difficult. I’m not sure there is one. Some questions I’d love to be able to ask people without being looked at as utterly bonkers?
    1) What are you changing about yourself that your parents/family/peers told you that you couldn’t?
    2) Why do you feel the need to protect certain people in your life?
    3) What is the source of your greatest fears, and how do you address those fears?
    4) Your ideal world would be….?
    5) Your ideal death would be…?

  12. Questions for Nathan Feuerstein (NF) that doesnt know I even exist😂:
    1-Are you happy, or at least satisfied?
    2-Do you feel afraid that so many people know you that you don’t know they even exist?
    3-What affects you as a person, not as a production of work?
    4-Are you living, or are you surviving?
    5-Who is/are your favourite celebrity/ies?

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