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  1. Lessons huh, that’s a toughy. Hunger Games taught me that if your life sucks and you are forced to be a badass just to survive life then you have the skills needed to survive the games.

    The Twilight series taught me that vampires can have children. I thought if the body was dead then nothing below the belt would work. (Something to think about ladies when you want to hug a walking corpse.) You would think if the heart doesn’t work and the blood don’t pump then nothing works but that story told me otherwise..

    I have also come to realize from reading that if I want to read something good then I need to write it. And that what is popular isn’t always good and what’s good isn’t always popular.

      1. Nothing really. I haven’t even tried to write on a real story in over six months.. I used to have dialogue and details constantly going in my head but not anymore. I just don’t care about it and honestly if I think about writing now it just makes me angry or depressed..there is no love or joy for it anymore so I will never really write again.

      2. The joy used to come just from writing. When I was able to take nothing and piece together all my thoughts and create something that people could actually follow and understand it made me happy. Unfortunately I kept getting negative responses from the person I love most. I believed he should have been my biggest fan and support system. He writes stories too and I thought we would make a great team but even without the team it was his indifference to everything I did that made me feel like everything I said and did was crap and what used to bring me joy started to bring me pain because I can no longer see writing without remembering how empty and hopeless his indifference made me feel. It’s like being afraid to touch the stove because you remember how much it hurts. Writing is now connected with pain.

      3. Hmm… that is very tough indeed. Have you seen the movie The Mistletoe Inn? It’s a Christmas movie with and about writers where there are some examples about exactly what you say. If he was envious of you because he thought you were really good and he wasn’t as good as you, it totally makes sense. Maybe he tried to keep you down and make you quit just because of that.

      4. I haven’t heard of that movie. I tend to shy away from Christmas themed anything. I didn’t feel like he liked anything I had to say. It made me feel stupid for ever thinking I could write. He should have been my biggest supporter and he turned out to hate my stuff the most. I certainly never felt like he liked it or was jealous of it. He is an extremely gifted writer and I have told him that a hundred times over. We were never in competition, he writes love stories and self help books. My sole focus was YA books. We have completed different styles and a different audience. It doesn’t make sense for him to be jealous of me. If he loved me he should have been happy for me. He’s the smart one.. he’s the one who always did well in school and knows everything. There was nothing for him to be jealous about. My friend Jumpp told me while she was still in law school after I had just gotten a positive response on a query letter that it would be unfair if I succeeded before her (completely different paths in life) and that hurt my feelings because you think people in your life should be happy for you. I had many people tell me that I was wasting my time on a pipedream. I was told that after I finished my first story.. I had no plans or desires to even publish it. It was simply a story that had been in my head for twenty years and I was so happy I was able to get it down on paper. I only know a few people and the majority of them ripped me apart and told me they could write too if they had the ideas. I wasn’t surprised at their hate but I wrote for ten years despite it, but it was his hate that destroyed me. I love him and expected him to love and encourage me too.. I even asked him again at Christmas time to write a story with me and he blew me off again. It makes me feel like nothing I say or do matters. If the person I love the most can’t find one nice thing to say about my writing then there must not be anything good there.

      5. I just felt a deep love for him. It didn’t have shit to do with him because he did absolutely nothing to show me he loved me or cared. I simply felt a deep love and a drive from some outside force pushing me towards him. I don’t feel it anymore and haven’t for a very long time. It was a love that God gave me for him but the man refused to let me love him and he refused to love me.

  2. Reading has taught me that sometimes when I’m not even realising it, I’ll find answers to questions I didn’t realise I had. It also has taught me patience, that I love my own company and that although times have been hard, when I think I have been on my own, there has always been someone in my corner. When I feel lost or unloved, I can believe in the magic and find hope that not all guys are as bad as the men in my life have been and that I can’t live a full life while living in fear. Reading has also taught me to find the qualities of a persons character and soul attractive rather than looks.

  3. Your brain has the power to create a new reality for itself. Each day we wake up living in the past. In order to change, one must live/think as if the future they want has already happened.

  4. Awareness. Without books I wouldn’t have had an insight into various issues around the world, I also learn more about myself.

    Love everyone’s answers on this question. Books are amazing

    1. Some books are compressed life experiences. It’s very interesting to see in a week or two the most important things someone learned in his/her whole life.

      1. Not my sister’s blog. My own sister blog. And my readers do seem to be enjoying the questions– I notice the number of your comments is shary up since we began reblogging your questions. Community works!

  5. That’s hard to narrow it down to one. I have gained many insights from so many different sources. I will go with my favorite book. “When Crickets Cry” – I learned to guard your heart above all else, and to see beyond the surface of people. If you do not try to discern the heart, you will miss the person.

      1. Actively listen. In order to listen in hopes of learning them, it requires us to stop talking and stop jumping to conclusions. That’s harder than I’m sure it sounds. At the end of the day we have to be unselfish to learn their story and perspective.

      1. Because In this world we know that, todays your best friend may become your worst enemy in future. Only those failed who trust and talk someone their secrets

  6. One thing I’ve learned from books is to have realistic expectations of others because in the end, you’ll be the one who gets hurt if they don’t meet or if they fail to live up to your unreachable/unachievable standards.

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