39 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 294

      1. Ha. It could go from 30 minutes, to days, to weeks. It all depends on what mood I am in or if I have fallen into a slight depression. In my healthy state of mind, usually a shorter period of time (30 minutes to maybe some hours).

  1. One more page…. Right now I am colouring in, & have been doing all day. It’s the same if I’m reading a book (or blogs, or facebook, or LinkedIn), a general reluctance to stop doing something & do something else.

  2. The stuff you’ve been avoiding suddenly becomes extra super important Right Now but only because something pressing needs to be done instead, right now.

  3. Endless scrolling through social media… Even over things I’ve already seen. It takes a true surge of Will power or energy to break the cycle and get back on track… After that even something as small as putting on a load of washing seems like a good achievement, thus giving me motivation to do more.

    1. Very interesting! So after you put loads of will power or energy to break the cycle and you accomplish one small thing, you feel motivated to work on more things to get them done?

      1. Usually yes! Especially if I have a written to-do list, getting one small thing done means I can possibly get another small thing done. My father has a good way of phrasing it: “getting monkeys off your back”

        Definitely the most difficult part for me is breaking the cycle of scrolling. My mind can zone out that way… Pulling myself back from that can be near-impossible

  4. For me it looks like writing my blogs and poetry for hours on tumblr and here, ignoring my piling notes for work, and blasting Annie Lennox , getting lost walking in the woods or taking photos- avoiding dishes and boring things … lol adulting in general outside of work that is .

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