88 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 284

  1. other people. the things they say, or do. they remind me how impossible or pointless of an endeavour it is… because my dreams and aspirations are usually so contrary to their own ones.

      1. I have a pretty fiery relationship with my husband. We are both intensely passionate people. He gives me that confidence to do whatever the hell I do. But we’re like every other married couple and have our bad days too. And when I feel really stressed or depressed, because of whatever tiff or miscommunicated misunderstanding we may have, it reflects in my writing. I can’t write without him. I can’t do anything without feeling strong in my relationship with him. He is my cain. It is both good and not good (but NOT bad/evil) all at once. And today is a (very) good day. 😎

      1. Yes my books range in topics with a fiction book being my latest work. You can see them all if you search on google Angela Goodwin Amazon or type my name directly into amazon.

      1. If the horse does not find water from any other place, it will definitely drink from your well to quench its thirst.😂
        So make your content like there is no other one like you .
        I wish you good luck for your next books.

      1. My pleasure. I hope to be returning to a regular posting schedule soon, and able to catch more of your posts. Have a great day 😌

    1. Maybe it’s not making money now, but nobody can predict the future. If someone told you that you can make money through short videos on the internet, you would’ve been called crazy. YouTube proved it different. Never stop believing and always keep going!

  2. Inability to give meaning to my dreams. That is, inability in taking them from being raw and putting them in a framework that will allow me to achieve them.

      1. Usually finding something to be optimistic about helps. Trying to find out more about what I’m afraid of helps sometimes too. Last resorts are taking deep breath or 30, or running for the hills ;P

  3. Lack of motivation but that’s also because I don’t really have a clear plan or understanding of the steps I should be taking to achieve the goals needs to reach my dream. I tend to ask myself questions just like this just because it makes it easier for me to figure out what actually is blocking my path to success and how do I overcome that obstacle. I feel like the more we learn to reflect on what we need to get don the more we learn about ourselves. Also most people are fearful. They have ideas or dreams they would love to pursue but are afraid of certain obstacles in their way. It’s more or less people try things one time and if it doesn’t work then obviously it was a bad idea. I’ve learned that kind of thinking is always going to prevent you from moving forward to what you want. Then all it is, is a waiting game. Waiting for the right time, waiting for money, people etc. The time is now. Thanks for the question, it really has me thinking now! 🙂

      1. I’m not really sure since my almost lifelong goal has been to relocate to New Mexico and every time I’ve thought I had the chance I didn’t have the funds needed. That’s something for me to think about… perhaps I wasn’t meant to relocate after all.

      2. I think you’re right, I could take steps to be ready to take any affordable options that might arise there and not hesitate as I’ve done in the past. Without fail hesitation has caused me far more grief than good.

      1. Fear of harm… so many things. The Lord gives me strength. Without Him, I’d be paralyzed in fear. ♥️

      1. They just pop up at inconvenient times that have nothing to do with my dad. It throws me off every time. I’m processing it well, it’s just a long process! Thanks for asking. 👍🏼

  4. My ex Randy Holt killed my dreams and made my dreams nightmares. He was abrasive and murdered my Dexter and likely going to get off on less than a felony cause even though he admitted to our and is a psychopath no one cares enough to put the Asshole psychopath in prison where he belongs.

      1. I am trying but sometimes I feel I’m stalled with winter and being in the process of court. I know one goal I have and that’s getting the hell away from this town.

  5. Financial stability need! I wanted to write, to make a living out of it, my blog, my book… But I had to accept that I need that 9to5 desk job and the salary that comes with it 😉

      1. Indeed, I am doing it, hence my blog 😉 And I managed to be published by an Italian publishing house a few years ago. But there is no financial return from these activities so I gotta continue to be at my desk daily 😀

  6. Mental health – not being diagnosed, or being misdiagnosed, and then inappropriately treated. I’m looking forward to new dreams; keeping the blog alive, getting healthier; rescuing cats… There’s some peace in that shift.

    1. You are an example for me because you somehow manage to control your difficulties most of the time and go forward with them. And when you can’t, you can’t. But you don’t let those moments decide your future.

  7. the answer to the question lies in the name of the blog… pointless over thinking. Besides this, I think low self-esteem is the biggest culprit in my life…

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