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    1. I get that. I guess that’s the reason I’m not using a picture with myself as a profile picture just yet (working on it!). What would happen if people see the real you?

      1. A great question… I think it would be a shock to my family, that I have this less pleasant side to my personality and for my own health it has to be shown, I’ve tried keeping it hidden and all the anger just drives me mad! I would love to be able to tell people what I think and how I feel regardless of whether that would make me unpopular, but I’m too scared of being negatively judged

    1. In the same boat. Always love the idea of the open road. Nothing but you and the iron horse you ride upon it. Seems so romantic, and honest and real to ride a motorcycle. Then I remember there are other drivers on the road. Giant suvs and trucks driven by people more interested in their phones than the road. It’s them I’m afraid of. One distracted lane change later and I’m dead. Would love to ride but the mistakes inevitably mean serious injury or death for the rider.

      1. Exactly. Even if you’re a perfect rider and makes no mistakes, it’s the mistakes of the other guy or girl next to you that will ruin your life.

  1. World domination. I’m not afraid to do it, I simply need more minions first. Honestly, I don’t have anything I’m afraid to try. If I want to do something I do. Whether I get the results I want is besides the point but I always try.

      1. Ha! If you want to join my crew you are more than welcome. Everyone gets all the mashed potatoes and gravy they want and the official wardrobe which is a Kevlar suit and a bow tie. I think that will bring a touch of class to the whole thing.

      2. ZipRecruiter promised that I would find the needle and not the hay. You have been a minion for all of four seconds I don’t think you are ready to decide your wardrobe. Only the second in command can do that and even they have to wear a bow tie, it’s unisex. If you want to keep the robes I will need a full essay on why you should be second in command.

      3. Wait wait wait — I actually know the required answer to this one!… Um, um um: Oh, Masterly Manifestation of Malevolence, NE-EVER would I pre-SUUUUUME to a position so near to your MIGH-tiness! Only give the co-MAND and I will RIP OFF MY SKIN if it will give you but the slightest nanomoment of PLEA-sure!…

      4. Okay, I have a couple of questions (wait, questions are permitted, aren’t they?) — Firstly, there’s no stipulation about where or how the bowtie is worn, right, jus’ checking? Um, because, well, never mind. And two — you loooove it when your minions take nefarious initiative, um, riiiiiiiight, O Beneficent, I mean, Benign, I mean Bastardio One????

      5. Sure questions are permitted. I’m now afraid to guess where you will put the bow tie. Initiative is okay but if you are doing something truly evil you probably should tell me privately.

      6. Oh, schaweeet!

        Had a whole shortlist of fashion inspirations re the tie… 😎

        Um, well, I, um, already took initiative to… put-all-our-comments-into-a-comic-post-on-my-site!!!

        There, I said it. Couldn’t hold it in any more. Sorry, mastaaaah…

      1. It took a lot self healing to love and accept me as is. I always thought I had to be perfect or else I couldn’t do this or that. I always had drive but it took a lot for me to accept me. I had to talk myself through it. Like when I felt less than or not good I would have to encourage me while scared or while feeling less than. I had to keep telling myself it was okay until it actually was.

  2. Several things. Learning to ride bikes. Driving on my own. Posting my writings online – started today, I don’t know how. Stopping eating junk food. Starting writing that goddam fourth chapter. Falling in love.

      1. I guess the main answer would be “fear of getting hurt”. Except for junk food, that’s fear of failure. About writings, it’s fear of rejection – again, of getting hurt from an emotional point of view.

  3. Not a damn thing — but from the patterns of manifestation something deep inside of this girl must be terrified of finding home, since I can’t seem to get that done.

      1. I prioritized someone over myself and made the person my world. I got played with, and as my life spiraled into depression and much worse things, I’ve decided that I can’t let someone else have more respect than I have for myself, so I’ve blocked off all ways of contact between us, and promised myself that next time we will meet, I will not be the one that was left in the dust, that I will change every aspect of my life not only for myself, but for the sake of my goals and for those I want to help. I also started my blog around that time. At the time my life was between two extremes, and perhaps the fact that I kept going was my biggest fear I confronted so far 🙂

    1. My fear is related to exposing my writings. I’m afraid they’re not good enough. But I’m working on it. In the past two weeks I started to share my book and this blog with my family members. It went better that I expected.

    1. Maybe you can work on your company in your free time? That’s what I did with the company I started a while back (which failed) and I never regretted it. In my opinion, scaling it up is not a primary concern now. Starting it is the main concern. What can you do right now to increase the chances for your company to succeed?

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