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  1. When I started my blog is when!! I love to write and I love music and I love to laugh. Life is hard and music and my sense of humor have gotten me through a lot of hard times. If I can make one person smile when they are struggling then that makes me smile as well!!

  2. Resigning from my position and starting my own business is a major step for me. I’m still in the early days of getting things setup but I do so with conviction that I will work on the things I love. Music, art and writing are how I’m refocusing. It’s always been a part of my life but I let my creative pursuits wither in pursuit of a career. No longer. I seek joy in my work. A vocation not a career. I’m taking steps towards that today.

      1. Thanks😁 I’m starting out small and going through my files of incomplete flashfiction/short stories and posting them on my blog. I’ve written and kept them to myself out of fear. So far, it’s one serial completed and I just started another. Baby steps.😁

  3. When I recognized that the toxic family relationships I grew up with were not something I needed to push forward or on – that’s when I felt like my “purpose” – or one of them, came to light. I can’t say often enough how much value there is in kindness, and being a good friend. It all adds up.

      1. Thank you! I’m not really searching for it, but it would be nice to be able to work on something I really love, and it would be nice to figure out what that something is

      1. I don’t really know. I work of course because I need to, and I do have hobbies that would be nice to turn into a job, but I’m not sure what exactly it is that I want to do. Does it come to you as an epiphany, do you just try with something you like, dunno. But I guess it is something taht covers all aspects o life and not just work. What do you think?

      2. For me, it worked to try doing different things. I tried programming, I tried doing some wood medallions, I tried to create illustrations in Photoshop and then I found blogging and writing. I guess you need to try stuff before you can find out what you’d like to do.

  4. What I have learnt about our purpose from all the comments:
    1) Serving others; whether making others smile, helping someone in their work, uplifting and motivating someone; is most satisfactory to us.
    2) Art plays a great role in our lives be it music or any other form. I think it connects us with ourselves and we realize that we all are connected in one way or other. It also helps us to connect with supreme power.
    3) Making difference in someone’s life. It may be a small act of kindness but it can change the whole world for that ‘someone’.
    4) Career, money, name and fame, luxuries come second to all these.
    Thank you all for sharing your wonderful thoughts🤗

  5. When I founded The TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop. Specifically when women started sharing how the workshop was really helping them to grow and develop. It was a feeling like non other!

      1. I kept encountering women who weren’t living authentic lives. Then the #MeToo era became headline news. So why aren’t women “keeping it real?” Why are women afraid in the workplace and in their homes to live according to their personal core values as opposed to that of others? I wanted to help women who struggle be more intentional and purposeful in living their best life. 💜 Thanks for asking!

  6. I think my purpose is to help people feel that they matter and show them how to pass that feeling on. (I have a LOT of learning and growing to do in achieving that purpose but that’s where I’m headed). I’m about to live it with my daughter who is being treated like she doesn’t matter by her “best friend”. I want to help her feel wonderful about herself without any need to tear her friend down in the process.

    1. Forgot to say, I love this question! Such interesting and enlightening responses too. Thanks for asking it!

    2. That’s quite a challenge, but I agree with you. People need to feel like they matter because they do. The challenge is to find those people that can see that.

      1. Absolutely! I haven’t yet worked out how to achieve that purpose. I just know it’ll be my life’s work. I’m not sure yet whether I’m on the right track with the “habits” stuff but I’m finding that changing my habits is helping me matter to myself and that sort of feels like a good place to start. Where would you start if you wanted to make a dent in this?

      2. I think that’s the best place to start. A good habit leads to an awesome life regardless the purpose. If it helps the purpose too, that’s even better.

  7. Think I have mostly fulfilled my purpose, which there was a lot involved doing it. But still here so clearly work to do still! Thanks for the follow; this is a great question.

  8. Every time I post something to my blog, I feel and believe I’m fulfilling a part of my purpose.

    For me, writing in general or writing poetry is a tangible manifestation of my heart, a piece of me that’s being shared for the world to read, reject, embrace or judge.

    It’s not always easy because as many of you already know, we put ourselves out there for the world to accept or reject us with each post we publish.

    The other part of it has a lot to do with helping others in a tangible and practical way.

    Either by motivating, inspiring, encouraging or empowering others, this is where I ultimately find my purpose.

    Writing is a tool to that end because words are seeds,

    And with our words, we’re either planting vibrant meadows of wild flowers or weeds.

    It’s a choice in how we wish to use our words and for me I want to known and remembered for planting flowers of endless flowers.

    One brings beauty and color into our world while the other not so much, so be ever mindful of the seeds you’re planting.

    My words are my heart and mind colliding together bringing life into existence with every stroke of my pen.

    I guess the idea of being my own creator and having the unique privilege and honor in sharing my thoughts freely excites and thrills me,

    Especially knowing that my words are creating beauty and wonder in the hearts and minds of all my readers.

    Well, that’s how I hope and aim to fulfil my purpose. 🙂

    Just think about it,
    Bradford Lee Mace

    1. Amazing! When I think about other people’s judgement and rejection, I think about the fact that my writing if not for those people. But there are some that need it and we should write for them.

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