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      1. I don’t actually know. Perhaps there are actions which spring into being without first being ideas.

        (Your questions of the day form part of my mind’s workout and I love it)

      2. I believe all actions come from ideas even though we’re not aware of this (let’s not forget the unconscious part of our mind).
        Thank you! I love that you love it! Coming up with this questions is a challenge 😀

  1. The idea that we are nothing but a tiny speck orbiting around a big star in a huge galaxy in a much much much bigger universe. Only if every individual could see and experience the vast loneliness that has been cursed upon humanity, only if every individual could see the dark blue horizon from space, we would unite setting aside our petty wars and suppressions

  2. There are lots of ways to change the world. Do you want it changed for good because Hitler and the atomic bomb changed the world too. There are tons of ways we could change it but the problem is not everyone would get on board and most wouldn’t want it to change. Those who have more power don’t want the rest of us as equals because that takes away what makes them special.

    I think the greatest thing that could help the world is if everyone was an empath. I know that wouldn’t happen because for whatever reason God likes drama and darkness and fights. But if I was the big G I would make it where everyone was an empath. That means if you hurt someone you feel it. I believe killings and rapes and domestic abuse would stop if every time a person threw a punch they felt the impact of it. But I would also make it where you felt the good so if you give a person kindness you automatically feel it. You give love you feel it. So good or bad what you put out is what you feel in return. Maybe then people would treat others right and if not I’m turning them all into llamas.

    1. A great example and I agree with you! I was actually thinking about how great it would be if we have a book about empathy oriented towards normal people to understand the importance of it.

  3. Im afraid that we could discuss this for a very long time as I believe that there are too many evils in the world that one idea (or action) would not be enough, but, as the parent of an autistic teenager, I shall quote my son who attends a mainstream integrated high school. “We are all different, so this makes us the same”
    With that point of view, if we are all of different religions, different races and cultures, if we are all of different abilities then we cannot judge, for we all the same.

    If this is how my son and his fellow school mates can accept each other, for their own individuality is this not a tiny step forward?

    1. Thinking about their age, it’s a huge step forward because this kind of view will reflect to the descendants of these children. We cannot change the world for the better in our life time, but maybe we can seed the right ideas which will eventually overcome the planet.

      1. Talk to one another; embrace our similarities and our differences.
        And . . . Stop wearing cologne 😏

      1. I don’t think you can make people change – they must want to change and see some tangible effect to their lives – technology-driven change comes too fast and often – and is often solely data driven

      1. Eco friendly floo powder, of course. Or just by disapparating , just not using Star Trek type machines is all cos that’s probably not sustainable energy use

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    The idea to disseminate the potentially viral question of “[w]hich idea can change the world?” (With a tip of the hat to Douglas R. Hoftstadter and his discussion of this in Metamagical Themas, where he explored the topic of “memes,” originally credited to Richard Dawkins. One more thing : “This sentence no verb.”)

      1. Accepting ourselves as who we are. It really matters what mindset we have towards the revolution. But the first step should always be surrender. Not to the enemy but to ourselves. And the world around us.

  5. The thought that ‘I can’ can change the world. I think we all shall be infected by this bug as it enables us to do the things that we want to do but are afraid that everyone will call them mad. It was these mad people who brought together nations, wrote the novels that are carried on from generations, developed the technology that builds the foundation of our lives today and gave us vision to the way ahead. Hence, as I stand by, the thought “I can” can change the world.

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