63 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 268

  1. I enjoy thinking about your questions but this is the first I’ve to which I’ve responded. Freshly brewed coffee made and delivered to me in bed by my husband. Very exciting!

    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read these questions and I really appreciate your comment! How often does it happen to get that freshly brewed coffee in bed?

      1. 7-8 I think. Still working on that. I have a toddler and have spent the last couple of months recovering from a 19 month stint of disturbed/ deprived sleep.

  2. Coffee? Not having to pack a school lunch? Knowing everyone is leaving the house and not work from home or fester on my couch with communicable diseases? Chocolate? 😉

    Aren’t you sorry you asked now? 🙃

      1. Self employment and Self improvement through personal challenges. Both physical and mental. Goals are multilayered, so the achievement of one is a stepping stone towards another.

  3. Being off work so I could pursue my own interest. Sun coming through the blinds on a summer morning. The smell of bacon cooking. Actually I get excited when I wake and the body is feeling good. Everything else is cake.

  4. When I know I have something good planned for the day, like if we are going road racing, birthdays, family days out with the kids or have a shoot planned with an awesome client. But as I sleep with listening to music I find that if I wake up to a favourite tune my body just wants to move so I wanna get up and bum wiggle dance and sing along

      1. Good question, if money wasn’t an obstacle then my next objective would definitely be to gain as much knowledge as possible before I Parrish, how I’d go about that, idk yet but I’ve noticed the more I learn the easier things get and it makes life that much more enjoyable

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