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  1. I feel like as human beings we get caught up in everyday life… and that results in ya forgetting to be grateful for even taking a breath. I try to be thankful daily for the air in my lungs and the clothes on my back.

  2. By the way, my minor sugery went okay. The took, enterscopy, 18 byopsie’s. Colonoscopy from start, mostly prostrate area, 20 byopsie’s. Total ok 38, now we wait for results, about two weeks they said.

  3. I also have a gratitude journal. Some days I don’t get my gratitude entered, but it is an ongoing goal of mine to post in my gratitude journal throughout my day. Some days I just go back through my days and read all that I have written. I love to reflect, especially when it’s several years past.

    1. Great way to look and feel. Reflection is good and should be taken in a gratifying manner, being good or bad. The bad’s teach us how to become better if not be better! My thoughts and thank you for letting me reply my thoughts, I’m grateful now!

    1. New Beginning’s

      The night closes
      and the dawn begins.

      Dew falls from the morning sky,
      covering what lies beneath.

      The wind blows softly,
      as the clouds roll through the sky.

      The sun peeking back and forth,
      from the horizon and the nature
      of the sky.

      The fields, now glistening with the dew,
      that sets the new beginning.

      The flowers drink of the dew,
      that lies on their pedals.

      New growth begins,
      from all forms of nature.

      And now the new beginning,
      has begun.

      Copyrights Β© | Creative Essence’s Creative Writingβ„’ | William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |The moral right of the author have been asserted | Year Posted 2005

      1. The new revised a edition;

        New Beginning’s

        The night sky closes,
        and the dawn’s light begins.

        Dew forms from the nights set,
        and falling in the morning sky,
        covering what lies beneath.

        The wind blows softly,
        as the clouds roll through the sky.

        The sun peeking back and forth,
        from the horizon and the nature
        of the skies journey.

        The fields, now glistening with the dew
        that sets the new beginning.

        The flowers drink of the dew,
        that lies on their pedals.

        New growth begins
        from the dew lying to form the new nature.

        And now, the new beginning has begun.

        Β©2018 | Creative Essence’s Creative Writingβ„’|
        William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |
        The moral right of the author have been asserted | Year Posted 2005, International copyrights Β© 2003

        It did get international Β© in 05 this make 28 book’s I’m in and I have 20 internationals

  4. Well, not often enough. But once in a while I remember to remind myself that I need to be grateful for these things.

    On Thu, Dec 27, 2018 at 7:01 PM Pointless Overthinking wrote:

    > Bogdan (DM) posted: “How often do you feel grateful about the good things > you have in your life? ” >

  5. In all honesty I pay attention every day, but sometimes I don’t acknowledge my gratitude at each moment of paying attention. However, there are times when I’m completely gobsmacked by the gratitude I feel.
    So the simple answer is every single day, only it’s much more complex than that.

      1. No, it hasn’t always been this way. What’s lovely about that is it proves I’m learning and incorporating new ways of looking at and being me as needed.
        I continue to evolve each day!

  6. I loooooooove this question. I can honestly say that even the middle of a middle age meltdown (those seem to happen a lot these days) I will force myself to be thankful. Out loud, even when they happen when I am on a run (yesterday lol). I am so thankful that I have figured out how to find my thankfulness b/c I truly believe it is the key to putting things in perspective.

    1. Awesome! It is because it allows us to see the good things about our life from time to time. I know there are times we see what we can improve about it and that’s good, but we must not forget that there already is some greatness in the life we have.

  7. Bob, to answer your question, is my reply to robynbird. β€œWhen the night falls and the stars are lit brightly, is the time I think and thank for the gratitude that happened that day. Unless gratitude is an immediate attention in action. But great question!

      1. Im grateful the Keebler Elves had enough dough and batter and icing so I can eat them. This isn’t actually what I was gonna say, but the other is way to depressing! As long as I can walk outside, have to stop at the Keebler Elves bakery, and be able to see a bird flying, our squirrel getting a late harvest. To look at the trees and just be able to see they’re healthy. I think in my past life, I was a plant. Just to walk through the woods, let your stress go, and enjoy nature. Why heck man, I write stories about Enchanted Forest, out there and the leaves waving. But you know really, that’s where I can catch that guy that past me earlier

      2. When I was walking down the street. He was mumbling something this man I was talking about, and decided to send the story then finish it. But when I’m with nature, I catch this in reflection, but that guys mumbling became clear to me that he was actually delivering a message that I prayed about or just asked, for me, I’m always talking to my best friend. His name is Christ for me. He became Christ moment He gave Himself for us. Some don’t believe, each to their own. No judgement here. Well just a few days ago, I poured my heart out to a stranger, something holding me in bondage, self-conviction. The point of that man and my nature walk, I recalled and he delivered a message. I think everyone that passes through each of our lives, are meant to be for a purpose. Why and the purpose is for you to find out why. That guys mumbled though, I asked my best friend inside my heart years ago, you think my brother will ever give me the tom tom drum a made. Well as clear as the day is, the words came across No he won’t give it to you. That’s exactly what that man said. That’s was a beautiful day I made that tom tom, but my mother and I was at a craft show, we are quarter Cherokee, but was pulling a benefit show to raise proceeds for the Sioux Indian, they are the poorest of all nation’s. So because the way life is, held that pow wow and I made that tom tom sitting right there. Painted the medicine wheel on it. And my mom looked over and said, that’s not being sold you know that. I asked why, she said because I watched my son craft that. Well it hangs on my brothers garage wall for all places, and I said you need give that back to the maker. He said nah, cause you leave this world, I won’t anything of yours. Well I prayed about it. Or asked Him if I’d ever get it back. Clear as day, his mumble was clear as day. Or maybe I might have took one or five too many nerve pills. Nah, haha, true story ask my brother, his names John Darnell! Find him on Facebook. I’m not a Facebooker anymore.

  8. constantly, especially when I’m around people complaining – it always makes me think how lucky / blessed I am.

  9. I have a small book that I write in when I wake up and before I sleep listing all the things I’m grateful for – it keeps me upbeat. I have been doing it for about 8 months and I have noticed that when something bad or annoying happens during the day, I now think of things I am grateful for and am less stressed πŸ™‚ Who knows, it may work for other people too!

      1. About the current affairs across the world. About the poor people. About people who are suffering because of wars. Sex slaves, people with illnesses, people without food. Etc etc . It does console me at times and encourage me to contribute something.

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