44 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 246

  1. I’m now in a wheelchair due to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000. I envisaged exploring the world – and achieved a lot of that – but now find myself housebound. I’m British and dreamt of living in Canada skiing. I now live in the US.

    But I wouldn’t want to change anything. Except I would welcome a cure for MS.

      1. Yeah! Because I like to live a simple life…😍😍😍 Spend time with my own, feeling beautiful nature, Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Writing,. Stay happy, Feeling love everything connected to my heart…😍These thing are included in my simple life…😍😁😊😉🤩😍

      1. self, i prefer to doubt what is ‘known’ to leave room for the ‘un’. maybe ‘knowing everything’ would have been a better answer. both unrealistic and neither intended. maybe silence would have been the best answer 🙂

      1. I am still working on this and will do so until I die because there is no end to it. But I am slowly ‘naming’ what I feel in situations or just in moments so I can get to know them. Once I have a pattern, I try to understand the reasons. But crucially, I try not to react to my emotions. If I am feeling miserable, so be it. It goes away on its own later if I dont react to it or try to change it.

  2. Some schooling and maybe jumping through some hoops to get some of the scribbles published. I’m not currently confident enough in either regard, but that’s what I’m working on currently.


  3. Ideally, the difference is a deeper understanding and application in areas of health, relationships and spiritual conquests. Consistency and discipline are the vehicles to get me there.

      1. Yes and no… the life I have has afforded me two amazing children and has given me the ability to have time to spend with them. In reality, I just am not happy with my job. However, in order to quit and do what I really want to do, means sacrifices from my whole family.

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