101 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 245

  1. commit to the work required that would remove all chains that placed a condition on the ‘thing’ loved.

  2. Reserved time for things you love is so important for a happier lifestyle. I have improved in this over the years and can safely say that I do set aside time for my passions. Great question like always!

      1. Well, I get off at 7am(which doesn’t happen all the time), I come home help hubbs get the boys ready for daycare and shove everyone out the door by 9am…i make myself eat something, then by 10am I’m in bed and sleep until 1pm sometimes 2pm, get up to eat and then by (At the latest) 3pm I’m back in bed until 8:30pm. Where I get up to get ready for work. No real time for anything but sleep😣

      1. On pointe will take years, about five, but sizeable chunks would be to start with a few daily plié’s, this I can do and then, we’ll I’m sure an hour will be easily achievable 😊

  3. Probably spend it with someone special. But maybe I’m just being overly sentimental due to being alone for the holidays. Emotional are messed hard to separate them from my other thoughts. Just another reason for doubt, always good to get more of those.


      1. Oh definitely no! I was the opposite; couldnt sit still one moment. I have been working on it at least for 3 years now. I still cannot do it all the time (I mean total silence). But I can go for half an hour, then do some writing for some time and then go back.

      2. There are two things: First is that I started realizing that what I thought was my nature (that is, the uneasy and always-moving person) was not that. It was a reaction to other things. Second, I realized that in my profession (academia), it is very easy to keep occupied all the time and there is no end to this. That pressure made me seek some kind of silence.

  4. I would go to somewhere, where there will be no artificial sound. Just me and those who don’t bother me neither get bother of me.
    I mean into the forest

      1. It is just 2 km away from my home.
        There is an Ashram also.
        Actually I live in the lap of maikal range so you can call it mountain.
        Beautiful place.

  5. I would go dancing (folk dancing or sensual dancing or any type of energetic and passionate dancing), or I would go swimming, running of playing floorball!

    Right now I can do any of these, except for the last one. For floor hockey I need some people and a place and equipment to rent. And I am not sure where to find the place for it in Bucharest. I only had played in other countries. Floorball is my special kind of therapy – is so exhilarating to a have a stick and a ball to hit, and you have to be so present to play it, because experienced players run and play really fast. Sometimes just following the ball with the eyes can be exhausting. 🙂

      1. I try to read every single day but sometimes some things just get in the way, specially work.;) Tennis, I can only do it on weekends when I have someone to play with. So I really hope to give and have time for both.:)

  6. Only an hour?? Well in that case I would get ALL my work done, for a week, in that hour and spent the rest of the WEEK doing whatever I wanted. Because once I am into something I enjoy one hour is like a minute, not near long enough!! Merry Christmas!!

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