36 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 244

  1. Break into “onederland” (below 200 pounds). Keep eating healthy and exercising. I’ve lost 25 pounds already. So, making steady headway!

  2. As closely as possible to continue to serve the divine light of love at every moment. I can stay stiller, feel happier and listen for guidance even more intently.

    1. I can relate to this. I think I’d need a more focused blog to achieve that. I simply don’t have the time to focus on something specific right now, though. I’m a full time prosecutor (which I can’t really ethically blog about) with a spouse, a 12 step program, and a toddler. I love psychology (my undergrad degree and passion) and photography. I’m lucky to learn something new in these areas monthly, though! I know it may seem like a cop out, but my life is pretty full. So, I blog on whatever moves me a couple times a week.

      1. If blogging is your hobbie then it’s cool to do in your leisure. But I am thinking about being a full time blogger. So I am trying to spend more time into this.

        You are doing a lot of stuff in your life. And you seem to love them. It’s so very important to love what you are doing. I hope you are one of those lucky people

      2. Love it? Yes. It gets exhausting being spread so thin, though. I wish I could just pick a path! I love photography. I love psychology. I’d rather blog about psych than to practice it, though. Photography I would love to do full time but there are just SO many photographers these days. I love my job to some extent but I’m burned out on it.

  3. I want to write a children’s book(s) based off a tree that I painted. I’m de-cluttering my work space so I can concentrate and not feel stressed.

  4. I would like to gain financial and career stability, go on a vacation, and practice more self-love. I’m working towards those every day – new job, vacation planning and saving, and meditation.

  5. I’d like to love more. I’ll get to do this by becoming a grandparent for the first time.
    I’d like to make some classic memories this year with my friends. Planning, communication, execution is how we will accomplish this. Were way overdue for a fishing trip.
    I’d like to make up for those few day trips I missed to the beach last year this coming year.

  6. Live life!… I do today what I do every day, follow my heart with an open mind!.. 🙂 have a wonderful holiday filled with love and happiness!… 🙂

  7. I’d like to improve my physical environemnt – ie tidy up the house, limit mess to maybe just one junk room….I’m not sure it’s possible. 10 minutes a day can help keep chaos away…I’ll keep giving it a go

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