52 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 243

  1. Funniest mistake! Yeah, I have a childhood story, I was playing with my brother….We are fighting…Then I take a scale to throw my brother…and I do this…but there is a mistake…my scale goes over the lamp of the house…Then, Bhoomm!!!My mother came quickly..then she said to us, something has happened in somebody’s home! Me and my brother are standing quietly, when Mom realized that there was something in our house. Then, mom got very angry with me..That night, mom was running to catch me…!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. I remember that an performance where I sang a song with my friend in front of the classroom. And I burst into laughter when she made a mistake. Then I tried to stop laughing but I couldn’t help it at all! The ending is my friend finished the song alone and I stood keeping laugh like an idiot in front of all my classmates and the teacher… 😅

  3. Tripping over my own feet during the prosecution of a DUI trial where I had argued that field sobriety tests are easy if you’re sober.

  4. Too many to count 😂 Though there is this one time we were playing a game in class. The game included sitting on a chair, so I did so. The moment I sat, I somehow managed to fall off the chair in front of the whole class 😂 Let’s say the class carried on laughing for 5 minutes straight

      1. Thanks! I have a few possible questions for you. Have a happy new year! -Rebecca
        What makes you laugh?
        Which question of the day was the most meaningful to you this year?
        What are three principles you live by?
        Who is the funniest person alive?
        Which of your gifts would you like to share with the world?
        What brings you joy?
        Where are you happiest?

  5. I once managed to misunderstand that a guy selling pairs of sponges wasn’t related to a lucky dip stall next to it. I bought the sponges, & with one in each hand plunged my hands into the lucky dip tub & pulled something out. It was only when the guy asked if I was going to pay that I realised my mistake. As I turned to ask my mum for more money I saw loads of confused people watching me, & as we walked off my mum told me she didn’t understand why I’d bought the sponges (um, because I’m too embarrassed to ask for a refund!)

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