Fighting the Inside Dragons – Second Book Review

   The second review of my book is up and I want to share it with you! Thank you so much Ashica for taking your time to read the book and for posting the review on both of your websites (the original blog post can be found on Scribblers Arena and on Ashica Ayyappa)!

Book Review

Fighting the Inside Dragons

– Bogdan Ignat

The contemplating cover art and temptating title pulled me to grab this book, thus drowned in reading it over night.Yes,you guessed it right ! This book is about our Human mind and it’s incessant thoughts. From the start till the end author is particular in training our mind to fight the inner dragons,meaning our core beleif or mindset due to which we feel our life sucks,fucks and everything. Travelling through the eleven chapters you get to encounter many enhancing factors such as inspirational quotes,analogy,real life instants,movie names,set of guidence questions in support to his perspective.In particular I amused the analogy of life with cooking,ingredients, recipes and the casual conversations between AT(automatic thoughts) and CT(counter thoughts).Approaching some phenomenon in biological and psychological point of view adds brownie point to our clear understanding of the concepts.My eyes are glued with a curve in my face while reading many pages which seems the book printed my mind voice in a humorous manner to the core .Unlike the conventional motivation books, this seems whimsically written in a friendly tone with an honest approach.Boiling down to the fact upon my understanding this 187 pages book is all about

“Life is not a bed of roses,Neither be Optimistic nor be Pessimistic but choose to be Realistic with clear mind set and less filter”

So ,If you are willing to fight and tame the inner dragons with sword,shield and armour just sit back with this book in your hand to have an insight of our mind’s battle ground also to learn some diplomatic tricks to conquer our mind set.

Don’t miss to flip the pages of this Inspiring self help book for your mental guidence.

(Being flooded with the memories of this book)

AT: You are not professional in giving book reviews so why the hell wasting ur time in writing such a long piece??

CT: Writing is my passion and moreover “Every master was once a novice” so tried my level best in expressing my thoughts.

Worth the effort reading this book to sense the good change in you as well to understand my above expressed feel towards this book!!!

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Happiee reading !


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