32 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 230

  1. The idea of my cay having a shelf just underneath the ceiling so he can judge us from above 😅 i got the idea from animal planet when someone redid their house to be cat-friendly

      1. in acceptance of assembly or rejection and disassembly (of existence), many form their own truth(s); each process requires a disconnection, from either self or those outside of self.
        individual perspectives are inconstant so importance hierarchy can never have universal application.

        the truth on the other hand, exists without
        man’s perspectives or mercurial ideologies. he himself is not source or truth so not required in the determining of either. here is where the same for everybody applies.

        so no and yes, imo 🙂

  2. I constantly wonder about what are things that we don’t know about that lies out there. I’m pretty sure there’s still a lot of uncharted territories and mindblowing mysteries waiting to be solved

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