52 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 223

  1. I would love to create a beautifully written, well-received, very popular, best-selling, children’s book explaining type 1 diabetes with all proceeds going toward research to find a cure. And if I can’t pull it off, I wish someone with more talent would.

      1. Fucked if I know. I just… I’m just doing stuff. Flailing my arms doing whatever.
        But if I made something or something.. I’d like you to be part of it. Somehow someway. Someday. I dunno.

      1. Yea, pretty much. I’ve found this questionnaire online what a world should have and i try to write up chapters that answer at least one question. There’s a lot of questions -.-

  2. Firstly,I wish to create an Eco Friendly place where nothing would harm the mother earth meaning in complete tune with Nature.Integrated farming with cattles and so on
    (Place for Naturalised Human not Humanised Nature)
    Secondly,I would like to create a shelter in that eco friendly place for couple of people who are old, orphans and deserted souls in the society,whome I wanted to take care of till my last breath

      1. I’ve written three manuscripts that I consider my ‘good ones’ (I wrote several others but I think they’re complete rubbish and I never even let anyone else read them.) I sent my second manuscript to a beta reader, I got 5/5 stars! 🙂 Right now I’m working on a new writing project and I’m going to try getting a developmental evaluation for the manuscript I sent to the beta reader and hopefully move on from there to getting an agent.

  3. Like everyone else here, I would like to create an award-winning New York Times Best Seller and the money from that would help to create great memories for my family and friends, like Mike said.😃

  4. A time machine or an experimentation machine so I could create a dragon out of ordinary animals :p

    But on a more serious note, perhaps a cottage near the beach. I’ve dreamed to live somewhere close the beach someday…

      1. How I make money.now I’m employed 9-5…I need to be self employed.but the economy is bleak.and stories are harrowing for entrepreneurs

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