42 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 221

  1. so many things, sometimes being energised – bouncing up & down / spinning round in circles. Or making a noise (musical instruments, or drumming). Being on swings. Being outside in nature if the weather’s good / ok, being at the beach / listening to the sea. Sometimes it’s calmer things, reading, studying, learning, being totally absorbed into an activity. Thinking back over happy things. Having a laugh with friends, or just being with them. Pondering something & then that avalanche of ideas that hits you. Coming up with a solution to something, or a new idea, or helping someone / cheering them up.
    My absolute favourite thing is being snuggled into husband. Just being around him is happy too.

  2. Shifting my car ever so smoothly to where it virtually feels like an automatic (big ego over something no one takes pride in I know, but the constant *Clutch*, *Shift*, *Clutch*, flawlessly, just fills me with a type of contentment I would have never expected to receive from a combustion engine & chassis).

      1. As of now, I definitely am, which is weird because just a year or two ago I couldn’t care less about em, crazy how passions can change just as swiftly as one can change outfits, fascinating.

  3. When I know all the suffering or pain I have gone through or someone I care for or even know go through and I see a beautiful purpose unfolding through that, I will literally cry joyful tears that nothing has gone in vain. Nothing is wasted.

  4. Self-reflection in the context of Earth. Focusing on things of profound beauty, however small. Unbridled art — like painting intuitively with my hands or cooking a new dish for others & myself relying only on sensory data (e.g. smell, sound, touch, taste) instead of a recipe. Dancing alone to immersive music. Solitude. Solitude makes me very happy when it is solitude and not isolation.

      1. Yes, to put it simply. Isolation can still be self-imposed and I know I’ve done it to myself before. It’s kind of a matter of mentality more than anything else, I think. At least in more ordinary situations. It can be as simple as not opening up to people because of one’s own insecurities or not actually being safe to open up (e.g. being in a hostile environment). For me, a lot in regards to isolation has been spending my time on the wrong people or when I was younger and would push the right (or potentially right) people away. Boundaries are a huge issue for me still, knowing how and feeling okay with asking for help, reinforcing boundaries when it comes to my time, space, ability, etc. It’s isolating when I’m in a room with other people and have no one to turn to if/when I begin to feel unwell or distressed. Solitude though is definitely something I’d say is more of an *active* choice, but that’s not the only difference. Perhaps the biggest one though.

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