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  1. Middle school really forged my perspective of humanity, and I think one of the most striking memories from that time was when the students bullied a teacher into breaking down and crying. That, and the school’s lackluster response, was sort of the point where I became disgusted with authority, and I realized that, deep down, people are really very ugly.

      1. From the twisted and perverted human animal. You pet a dog, and the release of whatever chemicals in its makeup programs the creature to do again whatever it associates with the petting. The same with humans, only instead of petting, humans get a chemical reward when they subjugate another’s will, when they exercise whatever little power they can over someone weaker. Not everyone chooses to give into this darker nature, but the desire is intrinsic to all of us.

  2. I believe over time, what you consider most important changes. For me, the memory I feel most important was the life lesson I learned when my son was born. You might think, oh that’s cool.

    My son was due to be born on November 2nd 2016 so we will back up in time a little further. Wednesday July 16th 2016, my wife woke up a little early for work. She got up to go to the bathroom and noticed there was a little blood in her pee. She told me and then said she was going to go into work a little early. Her doctors office opened at 8:30 and she wanted to go in to check the messages at work and see if she could see her doctor today.

    I had the day off of work and was supposed to take her parents to the airport. They were flying to Denver to referee a national karate tournament. My wife left for work and I left to shuttle her parents.

    After dropping off her parents at the airport, my wife called me to say when she called the doctors office to make an appointment. When she called to see if she could get in on the same day, her doctor told her that she already had an appointment on the 16th at 10am. She said, well I guess I’ll see you then.

    I was driving her parents Lexus and it was now 9am. I was going to drive home and exchange their Lexus for my pickup. After a little thinking I said screw it, I’m going to drive their Lexus to her appointment.

    When I got to the doctors office my wife had been seen and I went back to her room. She was hooked up to a baby monitor, so they could monitor the baby’s heartbeat. My wife told me that her doctor had to do an emergency C section on another mom and she be there soon. The baby’s heartbeat was strong and things looked good.

    When her doctor finally came in, she grabbed the ultrasound wand so she could see what the baby was dealing with. After about a minute goes by her doctor got up and left without saying a word. My wife and I looked at each other puzzled. A couple minutes later the doctor comes back in the room with a wheelchair and tells my wife she’s having her baby.

    This memory continues like the whole day was recorded on a DVD. Full pregnancy is roughly 40 weeks, and my son was born just over 24 weeks. Our son had a 102 day stay in the NICU before we could take him home and weighed 1 pound 9 ounces at birth. Lesson learned from this memory, things don’t always go as planned in life.

  3. The memory where I am happy and proud. The ones that comes to mind is standing on stage at Carnegie Hall in NYC accepting my PhD from NYU — a very happy and proud moment.

    Crossing the finish line of the NYC Marathon is a close second 🙂

  4. How I got here.
    For better or worse, knowing how you ended up in any situation or stage in life gives you a sense of appreciation when it’s good or a sense of how to move out of it’s a negative place.

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