50 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 197

  1. Took the path least traveled instead of following the crowd… once done I realized it was not a mistake… 🙂

    “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.”
    Albert Einstein

      1. The only mistake I would have made was not listen to my heart and following the crowd… 🙂

        “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
        ― William Jennings Bryan

  2. Well, I know the BIGGEST! The best? This is going to sound weird, but getting involved in the last abusive relationship. Because it led me to finding my own strength, and love for myself. It taught me that I need never go back to that type of relationship, with anyone.

    1. Great realization! I believe that realizing that a mistake is helpful in the long run makes it to be the best mistake.

  3. Very recently, trusting someone I shouldn’t have. It could’ve easily destroyed what little faith I have left in men, but instead I chose to use it to reassess things…decided to get to know some nice guys as friends … and thats been a good experience for me.

  4. My life is a series of mistakes that I choose to learn from and move on… I hate pain. I know mistakes are necessary that’s why I’m not afraid of making a shit ton of them, that’s why I’m not afraid of change. But all because I know life is pain and pain is caused from mistakes… doens’t mean I suffer through life. Life is just fucking a whole shit ton of suffering. But I won’t suffer through it. I choose to not suffer, I choose to move forward; suffering is to wallow and remain in the sadness and bullshit.
    Unless the question is really asking “What was the one thing you knew was wrong, but you did it anyway?” To suggest that the mistake was made on purpose, it was a mistake from the start and it worked out in the end?! Because the mistake produced the opposite result from the projected expectations…. mistakes made on purpose, and turn out to not be mistakes at all… Rebellion. Following the beat of one’s own drum. Making one’s own path and not following the path of other people.

    You know what DM. Maybe I should just make my blog a series of “shit I said in the comments of DM’s blog” hahaha. OMG.

      1. Lol yeah. It’s true. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that, I had to know if for myself first to believe anyone else. Because people are corrupt. And they placate And lie. Sigh

  5. The Mistake: was applying for a job, and just before the final round of interviews, I called to revoke my application to the position because I was (at the time) not confident in my ability to do the job.

    The Best Part: I was crying, and in a really bad mental shape when I made that decision. The guy who answered the phone (not the boss) spoke to me for a good 15 minutes telling me “NO! you HAVE to come to the interview, PLEASE”, and begged until I agreed to follow through with the final round. I ended up getting the job. It’s been two years, and in 11 days I am marrying the man who convinced me to stay! He saw in me things I did not believe I was capable of.

  6. I left a condo that I loved in Brooklyn for a bigger space and thought I’d made a huge mistake. Five years later I sold my new condo for quite a nice profit. I never questioned my real estate decisions again.

  7. Inviting my mother to move into our home. We did it to help her and my two younger siblings, but it was a disaster! Full of lies, deceit, jealousy, it was something out of a soap opera; hubbs and I were prisoners in our own home. We vowed no matter what it won’t happen ever again!

  8. I guess… Not immediately knowing what I like and what to do after graduating high school, which costed me some years of misery for taking a study that I had zero investment in. As a result, I graduate and look for a real, full-time job much later (this year) than most people of my age.

    I still haunts me sometimes…

  9. Being brutally honest because I’ve spent so much time sheltering people’s feelings that I damn near forgot how I really felt/feel. So I decided that if these relationships are going to work we have to be able to have the hard conversations most avoid. And with that I began to see who was and wasn’t good for me.

  10. First I got into a relationship with the man I loved (my first love! so young and dumb! and so full of passion!), and after the breakup I didn’t take any time to heal and I got into a relationship with the man who later became my husband. After 9 years of paying karmic debts to each other, we got on separate ways. Now I am still working on healing those two relationships. Each time I believe that everything is all forgiven and healed, something happens: a man appears in my life showing me that I still have some funny skeletons hiding in my closet. 😀

      1. Healing is not a rational process. It goes deeper into our souls, beyond forgiveness. Of course we can make a plan, change our mindset, be positive and brave, have an open heart etc.
        As from my experience, when one skeleton knocks at my door again, my attention goes to my reaction. I don’t see my skeletons as enemies, but as friends. Recently they have visited me several times, and each time I got more and more relaxed and amused. My emotions are making the difference now. And I am enjoying myself when meeting my skeletons. They are a reminder of who I was. They don’t have real power on who I am today.

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