|| Right, Wrong and Zero ||

‘Wrong’ – A word that fears the millions of people. Wrong is the opposite what is Right and what is Right ? What is Good, that is right. So what is Good ? What favours the humanity, the life is good. So on……

Is it much simple to distinguish between the right and wrong ? If you ponder over this question, it is more complicated than the Calculus. One thing that is right for you could be wrong for the next person. For Instance, having sex before marriage could wrong for a lot of people, but the same thing can be right also for the other group of people. It happens because of different thinking and different perspectives of people.

Since Childhood, we taught that what is wrong, what is right. As we get more mature, we become able to distinguish about right and wrong on our own on the basis of the definitions about right and wrong taught by society since childhood. That’s how our thinking is generated with different perspectives. Thereby, we point out others’ thinking also as right or wrong. While doing this, two other scales are formed, named as ‘Priority’ and ‘Objection’. The Priority is related to the scale ‘Right’ and the Objection is related to ‘Wrong’. We give priority to those who are ‘Right’ ACCORDING TO US and likewise the second.

Decisions are also affected by the right-wrong scale.

I shouldn’t break her heart because her previous boyfriend also deceived her. So this would be WRONG for me and for her also, If I do the same to her.

But what, If that girl only wanted the previous boyfriend’s money ?…….(fact)

In this case, the mentioned fact totally changes your decision. If you know this already, then it will be right If you leave her. But If you’re not aware about that, then the same thing is wrong for you.

The decision varies because of the moral values you gained in your childhood and teenage. You have been taught that If you find a girl with a broken heart and you love her, then it will be right not to break her heart again. You have been taught that If you find a girl with a broken heart but with bad intentions, then it will be wrong to help her.

But in reality, we never know what is right and what is wrong. They’re just the scales. Whatever you think, whatever your perspectives are, they all are right, but also they all are wrong. So, all the rights and wrongs cancel each other, we get the net result, a Zero. This means that nothing is wrong, nothing is right. There are no scales. Zero is free from every right and wrong. This Zero is the true reality of the Universe. This is where we all come from, the Zero. The Neutral Thorn.

What is your thinking about Right and Wrong ??..

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

B. M.

5 thoughts on “|| Right, Wrong and Zero ||

  1. good points. the problem with “right” and “wrong” is we become totally wedded to our version and then we stop listening to others’ points of view. they are different and “different” becomes wrong. I have no idea how to fix this but this polarization seems to be increasing. It’s problematic.

    1. Yeah, that’s right. It’s problematic and leads the mankind to conflicts….
      Seems like, it will never be fixed now……
      But It can be reduced to some extent by learning good moral values…..
      Thank you so much for sharing your views on this topic…..
      I hope you have a beautiful day! ❤🤗

  2. It’s illogical to use right or wrong just as much good or bad. There are better ways to say it without using these words ie what do you think of this?

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