Movie Thoughts – Anon (2018)

Movie Thoughts   This is a movie about a world where there is no anonymity due to ultra-modern technology, but some people managed to stay anonymous. These people few people use their anonymity to break the law in different ways (you can find out more about it here).

   This movie approaches the privacy issue which got pretty big these days. There is this quote from one of the anonymous which I love: “It’s not that I have something to hide, I just have nothing I wish for you guys to see”. I believe these are two different things which we often tend to mix. Respecting people’s privacy has nothing to do with the intent of hiding something. Most of world leaders would like to control anything and everything and this doesn’t refer only to governments. Once a company becomes a worldwide authority, it tends to learn as much as they can about their customers, which is ok as long as they have people’s consent (even though most people don’t really know what they’re agreeing with). Anything else is an abuse.

   The second interesting thing in this movie is that people get to be misled because others can “hack” into their minds and do whatever they want there. Because of this, the affected people see only what the hackers what for them to see. We can see that all around us today (of course, not as visual as in this movie). We can be influenced so much that we tend to overlook certain things and we only see what we’re influenced to see. If we get in a negative mindset because we spend time with negative people, we tend to see only negative things all around us.

   I’ve also noticed that life without challenges can be very boring. For example, it was very easy for these cops to identify and catch any criminal thanks to this system. I’ve sensed some excitement when they couldn’t identify the criminal so maybe we need challenges in life in order to feel we are alive.

   I believe this is an interesting movie and I would love to see your thoughts about it so feel free to let me know what you think about it!

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      1. It’s a bit full on. I take it in bits at a time depending how I feel. I haven’t actually watched anything in a while because I go through phases. My current phases is reading blogs and stuff. Haha.

      2. Well, I started this blog in March this year and I love how it developed so far. I love interacting with you guys and I learn so much.
        As you know, my other writing “job” is the book I’m working on right now. The outcome is not as good as I would want it to be, but through doing I can get better (hopefully) so my future books will be better.

      3. You’re already helping with your valuable comments. It’s about how our mindset is influencing our physical and mental life and a few strategies we can use to make some changes. It’s similar to this blog, but in a more structured way. 🙂

  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but my first thought when you talked about hacking into people’s minds and controlling what they think was, Facebook.

      1. In Stargate sg1 (season 7, episode 5, I just googled it!) It’s called Revisions. The team gates to a climate-controlled environment amidst a toxic wasteland, whose people are all linked to a central computer, and these devices are called “links” or something. And it uploads and changes information to everyone wearing it for the greater good, as the dome they live in is shrinking so it can’t sustain life for everyone. So the computer will “make someone leave the dome” to die in the toxic wasteland, and also delete the memory of that person from everyone else’s memory so they don’t mourn or realise what’s going on.

      2. I don’t think it’s just China to be honest. Seems to be a lot of 1984-style nonsense around these days.

        🙄 There I go again – “these days” – feel positively ancient now.

      3. I know. But China is the most overt in that you can totally be shunned and not get a job based on your “social score”. And I’m sure it happens elsewhere too but it’s not spoken about! Or documented anywhere “reputable”.
        It’s political correctness gone mad. Because you can surveil all you want but you press pause on the wrong millisecond and that single frame can be used to completely discredit and disparage someone. Because facts are facts, and they are often taken completely out of context.

      4. It’s efficient, and thus heartless. It’s… sad and at the same time… making the hard calls that people would crumble under.

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