58 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 176

  1. Stop overthinking and over-analyzing. If there’s something that can be done about the situation, if it can be changed, do it. If not, move on to the next thing

    1. I totally agree with that. The problem is that it’s not that simple, especially when overthinking and over-analyzing became habits.

      1. I know, I struggle with that myself. Lately, I have tried to incorporate meditation in my daily routine and I have some little tricks that I do whenever I feel overwhelmed by my own thoughts. It might sound weird, but whenever I’m pissed or anxious as result of my overthinking, I start singing. It distracts me and sometimes even uplifts my mood instantly. Sometimes, when it’s too much or the problem is a major one, I blog or write about it. This has worked very well for me.

      2. That’s awesome! I’m so happy you found a way to distract yourself so you won’t fall too deep into negativity.

      3. Thanks 🙂 It used to be extremely difficult in the beginning as it is so hard to even realize that iwe are just overthinking. But it’s getting less difficult. I really hope you find a way too!

  2. Ask myself, “Does it affect a me?” Yes. “Does it affect your status in the household?” No. Then, ‘woman up’. Clean the stuff that’s in your way and move on with your day.

    1. This such a great strategy! It is so hard sometimes to stop ourselves from reacting because of the emotional implication.

  3. Accept my current isolation, stop trying to fix it with negative things and focus on the longer term goal of digging myself out of the crap, which will eventually un-isolate me anyway.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to do it sometimes, especially when the things we cannot change are seen as a direct threat to our own identity.

  4. Wake up early, work the body out, read something, listen to something, meditate and eat clean. Works for me. I’m the happiest person I know although once upon a time I was expelled from 5 schools over my “getting pissed off”

  5. Laugh more. If you’re busy trying to find the humor or irony in life, half the stuff that pisses me off no longer does. Even when I do get pissed off, I’m doing things like trying to figure out what famous movie quote goes with the a-hole move someone just did on the highway in front of me.

  6. Accept that whatever I believe of all the sonder-strangers I encounter, they’re living their own lives. I know there’s times I’ve changed a lane without thinking to use my turn signal – sometimes it’s because there’s an aggressive driver hounding me from the other lane, sometimes it’s because I just can’t deal with it that day. I’m not doing it to piss other people off, it just happens. And I’m sure most other people change lanes without their blinkers for just as innocent of reasons. In reality, there’s never any actual reason to be upset – no evidence that the other person even considered my feelings. Aside from a mildly raised heart rate, nothing has actually changed.
    Most infuriating things in life are like that. Someone cut in front of me in line? It’s probably not their best attempt to prevent me entry. Someone took the last straw in the drink stand? It’s not like they were gaslighting me to reach my own ‘last straw’.
    So hopefully I’ll just get really good at only reacting negatively to something intentionally negative towards me, personally.

    1. I believe that understanding and accepting the fact that people behave in a certain way due to their own problems, can be very helpful. Maybe we need to stop taking things so personal…

  7. Try to avoid the things that drive you crazy. Recently a fellow coworker was grabbing textbooks before they were inventoried. And it was extremely frustrating because I’m the one that needs to take the count. So, I walked up to them and smiled real wide and asked them nicely to stop taking books before I counted them.
    The coworker that was taking books thinks twice before they take whatever they want. It’s actually kind of funny.
    In all sincerity there will always be things that annoy us the best thing to do is breath and realize what’s bothering us is only as big as we make it.

    1. True! And it can influence us as long as we think that is important for us. If we take that importance and invest it somewhere else, it will be better 🙂

  8. Stay in my bed.
    No, jk.
    Seriously though, avoiding things that irritate me that I can’t really change is helpful.
    Being irritated by things I cannot change is kind of ridiculous, but here I am.
    I think most days I need to just get over myself. The world doesn’t revolve around me. Everything doesn’t go my way.
    The trick is being grateful at all possible moments. The more gratitude I feel, the less opportunity to be irritated.
    Y’all, I work my ass off to test this theory every. Single. Day.

  9. Write about it! I’m a writer so naturally, this is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether in my personal mood journal that I started when I began therapy for my depression a year ago, or via my blog, I usually wind up feeling better after I’ve unloaded onto a blank screen. I feel even better if people agree with me. As to what I do to avoid getting pissed off, well, there’s no easy answer to that, apart from taking my meds. I’m far less angrier when I do!

    1. I too believe that writing can help us express that anger we might accumulate in different situations. Destroying that piece of paper might be even better!

  10. I pray and try to better my reaction to what happens each time. Usually the events that anger us are similar so it is a matter of not allowing it to upset us anymore. As soon as we fix it something else will try to creep up but we can handle that later.

    1. I think that the first step would be to try to understand why is it bothering us so much. If we get to the root cause, we might be able to fix the problem.

  11. Realize and share with people around you how great you are for taking care of the things that you’d rather not but have too. They’ll see how important it is to you and want to help too, perhaps saving you some time. This is referring to things like housework.

  12. Shift perspectives. 🙂 You’ve got a great thing going on here! By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog and most especially for the follow! Looking forward to journeying together 😀

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