72 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 128

  1. I’ve been requested to provide answers to my questions so here we go! On a daily basis I “consume” a lot of podcasts (Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu) and a lot of Top 10 Rules for Success videos created by Evan Carmichel. I also spend some time on Facebook to talk to my wife and my cousin. I’m also checking the Twitter account created for this blog. At home, we leave the TV open on Comedy Central to run in the background. 🙂

  2. WordPress reader, techmeme (to see the tech / business news that’s trending), Facebook feed, and I most often listen to audio books (Audible) when I’m driving.

      1. On Twitter, it would be beautiful nature photographs or captioning some sweet animal snaps which is a fun thing to do. On word press , some quotes or good posts by my followers.

      1. I know what I’d like to see less of in Facebook – excess content filtering. I’d like feel more secure about my privacy being protected. At this point I’m on Facebook mainly because most of my friends us it.

        Twitter – Can’t think of anything right now. But I’d like it if more of my friends used it.

        Instagram – I’d like to see the option to tweak the privacy on individual posts.

  3. Blogs and Facebook. I’ve been trying to get into using Twitter again but I somehow can’t seem to make it work with my screen reader as I want it. I don’t usually promote my blog on social media, as Facebook pages are hard to use too and I can’t use Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  4. Facebook and the local news site once a day, usually in the morning
    During the day i find myself of pinterest organizing my boards (usually pinning even more pons about mental health and cat furniture) and posting memes (i come across on Pinterest) on Instagram stories.

  5. As a former print and radio broadcast journalist, I find nothing redemptive in the ‘mainstream’ media and therefore rely soley on ‘outlier’ sources, thus piecing together the fact held in common to come to the truth as I see in between the lines of biases.

    1. You’re awesome! How come you’re a “former” print and radio broadcast journalist and not an “actual” one?

      1. Got fired in 2013 for telling the ‘boss’ (which is double ‘s.’ o. b., spelled backwards) off. My rep has followed me since. No one wants a ‘troublemaker’ on staff. LOL

      1. My latest is birth videos I was curious lol , but I think for now one step at a time
        I also like watching paranormal videos and mocking the human body people in it with things , seriously your ghost hunting in the dark it’s a no brainer

    1. I haven’t heard of it, but I did a quick search and I listened for a few minutes and it seems very interesting. It’s funny, sarcastic and insightful. Thank you for sharing this! 😀

  6. WordPress – I like to support my fellow Bloggers as much as I can. Plus, the variety of posts challenge my way of thinking which I love!

    Twitter – That’s where I interact with other Bloggers on a more day to day basis

    After these two probably Youtube and Instagram! It used to be FaceBook but that is slowly making its way out of my life now 🙂

  7. Got fired in 2013 for telling the ‘boss’ (which is double ‘s.’ o. b., spelled backwards) off. My rep has followed me since. No one wants a ‘troublemaker’ on staff. LOL

  8. Probably WordPress and Whats app not a big social media fan…
    All my friends have snap-chat so instead of downloading it I just borrow their phones use the filter I want send it to myself and there! Problem solved 😂😂😂

  9. Instagram, WordPress and/or Medium blogs, YouTube, and Facebook (nowadays I just check notifications and my old posts and some one or two friends’, hardly go to the feed.. they turn me off)

      1. Since I like to write about everything, I like to read about everything. I like to read about movies, music, memories, society, nowadays I am reading a lot about mental health experiences..so many amazing and brave people! 😊

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