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  1. That’s a really good question and I’m asking myself that every other day sometimes, like is this what I really want for me?

      1. Sometimes it’s yes, other times I realize my thoughts have been influenced by outside influences and then I start to compare those thoughts with what I know about myself and decide if I should validate or ignore them

  2. God will tell me something I know I wouldn’t tell myself or say. The other thoughts are from me

  3. Wonderful question. I know from personal experience that I took things my parents said, and what people said and all my inner dialogue and thoughts were theirs, for the longest time I thought those things were mine but they weren’t. I also remember when some really bad stuff started coming in my head and I knew that wasn’t from me. Nowadays I would say 95% of what I think is my own thoughts. I do get psychic pop ups from time to time, but they are so completely random that I know those aren’t my thoughts.

  4. I’m going to have to say the “tone” of the thought. If it’s dismissive or hurtful, odds are pretty good it’s something I’ve been taught to think. If it’s creative, or even if it’s gentle, then I believe it’s from my own mind. Which isn’t to say I don’t get angry, it just takes me some time to find the source of the feeling, and then identify the tone. Oh lord, this is getting complex.

    1. @Liz, this a great insight. Those self-defeating thoughts are so often planted there by others – not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough. We’re not born believing that about ourselves.

      Thank you for sharing that!

      1. Blair, I’m glad to hear I made sense to someone outside my head! Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm 🙂

    2. Oh, yes. It is complex and that’s the beauty of it! Identifying the source is the best way to understand yourself and differentiate yourself from the parts of your minds that are not yours.

  5. Good Question. not sure how to answer it. Sometimes I d talk to myself , sometimes it is a thought but usually it is a question. The answer is almost always some form question back.

  6. No matter where they may have come from, if I accept them as my own, then they’re mine. I don’t worry about who else may have them. And if you have a mental illness, it’s just as well if someone else – especially ‘normal’ people – share them. It’s a reassurance to me that I haven’t gone off the deep end.

  7. Well who am I? Who are you? I believe free will and the ego are illusions. This brain produces thoughts, but in what way are they mine? No agency chose to think my thoughts. 

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  8. Thats a good one. I think all your thought are your own unless you’ve been brain washed. Your thoughts can be influenced by the people and things around you. But what you think about them is generated by you.

    1. Are they yours? If you’re surrounded with people that hate something which you had nothing against that, you’ll also develop negative thoughts about that thing. Are those thoughts yours? They might be borrowed.

      1. Thats true, but the way in which you perceive those ideas and thoughts are your own. People might try to twist your way of thinking but its your decision to believe them.

  9. All thoughts are your own. Some thoughts are from the conscious mind, which is your everyday purposeful thinking. Negative thoughts are from your unconscious mind, which is your ego. Anything else is from your subconscious mind, which is your soul. I’ve only had my soul speak to me twice. It is direct and undeniable. You just know. Like a command which keeps you from harm. But, bottom line, it’s all you.

    1. Maybe, but I wouldn’t say it’s all you because what and whom you have around you has a big inflence over the way you think.

      1. True, but we choose what to think. Nowadays it’s real convenient to blame others for both our thoughts and our actions. That’s the problem. A lot of people don’t want to take the responsibility onto themselves.

      2. We have automatic thoughts which we cannot control, but we can counter them. I totally agree with you that it’s our responsability what we’re doing with them when those thoughts appear.

  10. I listen to a lot of Bill Randles’ sermons on youtube and he often says that it is good to talk to ourselves; but not to listen to ourselves. I think of that expression often as I try to ‘take every thought captive’ (2 Corinthians 10:5)

  11. Nobody else wants them.
    (But seriously, my opinions come from experience and reason, and to doubt either is tantamount to madness. Many of my thoughts do come from some source, but now they’re mine. I’m not giving them back.)

  12. Great question. I really dont know how to answer it either. I can admit that sometimes, I believe that some of my thoughts are not my own. I really dont know how to explain it without sounding like Im trying to throw someone under the bus. I know that when my ex boyfriend and I would get into fights, I would conform and do what he wanted to make him happy. After awhile, I noticed that I was doing things that I normally wouldnt have done but it was because I was no longer thinking for myself. Does that make sense? It took my about 6 months to finally get back to me. Im getting back at speaking up for myself and for what I believe in which means owning my own thoughts. Not someone elses.

    1. Yes, it does! You just took into consideration other people’s desires more than yours and you maybe started to develop a mindset according to that.

  13. All my thoughts are mine, but they aren’t all helpful. I can recognize which ‘part’ is responsible for the beliefs that are generating the thoughts. Thanks to ongoing IFST I’m learning to interact with my parts and interpret the thoughts as communication.

  14. That voice…… I know it can’t be me cause it request me to do things outside of my comfort zone so i know it’s the Holy Spirit and not me

  15. I used to let the media, my family’s and friends’ opinon think for me. It was around 2009 or 2010 when this quote become viral “question everything”. Since then, I question even my own thoughts. That’s when I know my thoguhts are mine.

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