45 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 92

      1. If you face them and move forward, it means that you’re stronger so you won the battle with your fear in that particular moment. So I think you have moments when you’re overcoming your fear 🙂

  1. The question made me laugh. Just a bit. How *did* I overcome my fears? You mean I have already?

    I think there are a number of approaches that help and it is probably quite contextual. Sometimes you have to consider, “will this really hurt me?” and sometimes you have to consider, “what will I gain from this” or a combination of both at the right time.

    I have a song going through my head that was about someone swimming and the horizon kept getting further away until they realized “horizons don’t get closer; we extend them further every time we make some gains”.

    Our entire lives are built on getting over fears – right from our first steps.

    1. I believe that people evolve so they might not be afraid of the same things as 5 or 10 years ago, for example, so they found a way to overcome those fears. But I agree with you. Sometimes our fears evolve with us if we let them and that pain/gain balance might be tilted more on pain so we’re having harder time overcoming that. Probably without the right motivator, we would never overcome our biggest fears.

    1. I’m sure you had moments in your life when you did things despite your fear. How many moments can you recall?

    1. I wouldn’t say that the fear itself is an illusion, but the illusion might be the way we’re seeing that future that may never happen.

  2. Even though I’ve had to do it many times, I alwys experinence fear and anxiety leading up to having to speak in front of a large group of people.

    Whether the information is work related, Christian related, or is related to addressing the needs of those in my community; God will speak to my heart usually a day before, and encourage me that the information I am presenting is very vital to others. Simply put I realize that what I have to say is more important than my fears, and that fills me with an abundance of significance and confidence which pushes the fear aside.

  3. By facing them. I put a face on my fears, realized where they came from and confronted them one by one. Once I released the actual real problem I was able to release them.

  4. A year or so ago I started getting a fear of dogs for some reason which is odd since I still love them and want to have one but seeing random strays still scares me. I’m trying to beat it by getting closer to them and petting them more and so far it’s working.

  5. Sometimes I think it would be easier to have “outside” fears like the dark, so I could overcome them…but my real fear lies within, and my only escape is to write

  6. Also, if you don’t face it or at least challenge “fear” then you wont understand that feeling of what it is like to fear… however, fear is many faces…. that is my thoughts..

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