Movie Thoughts – Click (2006)

Movie Thoughts   This movie is about a dude that gets his hands on a remote control which controls his reality (you can find more about it here). He can pause (stop time) whenever he wants, he can fast forward the moments he doesn’t want to be in, he can put people on mute and so on.

   The first thing I found very interesting is how abused was the ability to skip over bad moments. In our pursuit of happiness we tend to avoid the moments that makes us suffer or feel bad, but I think we’re forgetting the fact that these moments are part of life, our life. Since problems are never-ending, difficult situations are all around the corner and we have to deal with it even if we like it or not. I’m not saying that we should be happy we have them because it’s very hard, but I believe we should look at them as they are, a part of our lives. We’re stronger than we might think and each and every problem we encounter has already been resolved by other people so we know it’s doable. So instead of using our energy to make that problem worse in our mind that it is, we should use that energy to get sh*t done, whatever that sh*t is because suffering is a part of life. We have plenty of it so I don’t think that making a problem bigger that it actually is can be helpful in any way.

   Another thing interesting is the eternal “battle” between career and family. There are so many people that choose career because they think they have enough time for family, but they never find that time. If we manage time as we manage money, we would have so much better lives. The difference between money and time is that we can find ways to make more money, but time is limited. These days I’ve heard the following quote: Based on your current frequency you see and talk to your parents, how many times to see them you have left before they’ll be gone? I did “the math” and it shocked me.

   One great idea from this movie is that sometimes we’re fast forwarding through life without even noticing, with no remote and we blame the others for this.

   What do you think about this movie? If you had that remote, would you use it?

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  1. I’ve not seen this movie but I think now that I’ll see if I can find it to watch. What you write is so true though – yes we often fast forward through our lives making time for the wrong things and then missing out on time with our friends and family. I realised I’d been doing that with work and I made the decision to stop running at 90 mph and jump off the hamster’s wheel. It was the best decision! Great post – thanks x

  2. “If we manage time as we manage money, we would have so much better lives.” – This part really stood out to me because I totally agree. As soon as we’re dealing with something that’s not physically there, like time or love, we don’t treat it in the same way. Even though we should.
    I’ve actually seen the movie ‘Click’ but not for a while. I always found it really interesting because as people, it’s human to want to feel like we need to skip or pause certain parts of our lives. However the moral is that this only screws things up. We don’t need a remote to live a good or happy life. There is no way I would use a remote if I got given one. How about you?

  3. Surely i would fast forward through the awful bits like heartbreak and illness etc and replay things like first dates etc. The mute function would be used extensively as you’ve mentioned. I wish this was a real device.

    1. I don’t know if I wish it was a real device… I’m afraid that I would abuse every function it has :))

  4. I don’t think anyone would grow, if there are no bad moments at all. How we deal with them determine who we become.
    I will go watch the film. I have the time now, exams finished

  5. The remote is literally an extension of the nervous system [ref: ‘Understanding Media – The Extensions of Man’ by Marshall McLuhan] and a metaphor of the ability to control the media environment to which our minds are exposed, which is largely noise pollution. I have one, and it works. ; )

  6. I remember this movie really well. I like your mindset on this. I think that all the bad that we go through really shapes us in to better…or well…in some cases…worse human beings haha. All in all I think that everything happens for a reason. Were supposed to go through certain situations in our lives and after dealing with such situations look back only to reflect upon ourselves…our behaviours…our actions to better our lives. Anyways nice post 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I believe we wouldn’t know how much strength we have until we’re confronted to problems that require us to use that strength.

  7. I remember this movie – it was one of the few Adam Sandler flicks that he didn’t play an overgrown child… Having said this, I think I’d probably use the rewind function to get better treatment for certain issues, to push harder for those improved outcomes. Good health – mental or physical – is far more important to me than the money I might be able to shift. I’d also have muted myself so I could hear my grandmother’s last words to me.

    1. I agree… there are not too many movies with Adam Sandler as a grown up, but this one is good. I haven’t thought about the rewind function, but it does seem interesting to use.

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