Movie Thoughts – Indecent Proposal (1993)

Movie Thoughts   This movie… this movie is a gem. It’s about a young married couple that goes through financial problems and during one trip in Vegas, a billionaire offers a million dollars for one night with the wife (you can find more details here).

   As you might guess, a moral issue appears. It’s morality versus pragmatism and it’s very interesting to see how this evolves during the whole movie. I’ve found out about it while reading a book about intuition wrote by Gerd Gigerenzer so I thought it must be an interesting movie since it’s being mentioned in a book wrote by a psychologist.

   I admit it. This movie stretched my mind a little bit, but not only because the morality and the pragmatism, but also because of the reasons behind all of that. Even though there is stated a reason for why the money are offered (I’m trying not to spoil anything), it still makes you wonder if there are any other reasons behind that. The process of how the decision is made is interesting and the entire story after the decision is taken. Our minds are so programmed to see what they want, that sometimes the reality is ignored.

   I would love to see your thoughts about this!

8 thoughts on “Movie Thoughts – Indecent Proposal (1993)

    1. Love can make us do strange things… maybe love was the one that pushed them to do this… maybe it was a way to test their love… maybe their love wasn’t strong enough to overcome their own beliefs…

      1. I watched the movie when I was still a teen. I don’t remember why they needed the money. I just remember the whole thing ticked me off because a couple in love would have told that guy to shove it. They could have made the money together or if they were in trouble they could have fled together, but at least they would have been together. Money is only as powerful as the value you place on it and it meant more than the love, and that made me sick.

      2. Yes, but they did this because they thought that their love is more powerful than those money and that’s why it wouldn’t impact it. They needed money so they wouldn’t loose their house. Awesome idea for a movie! In the end, not the money ended them, but their own beliefs.

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