49 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 67

  1. I have two opposites I am living with so I must use one word for each person. One would be…dang, I’m having a hard time coming up with just one word because hubby is so many things for me. He would have to be unconditional. The other person would be toxic. I say toxic because she increases my anxiety and makes me feel quilty for all I cannot do because of chronic pain. Not only do I have to fight my head demons, I have to ward off someone else’s comments daily.

      1. That’s very true. The best would be to change the way you react because it will help you with other people as well. You would probably develop the required mindset to keep your emotions steady.

      2. Yup, I quit trying to change people. The only time I lose my way emotionally is when I’m going through a stressful event or having a bad pain flare, but my hubby backs me up, so he evens it all out. I am very blessed that way so, I think I’ll be ok. I really like your questions. Cool Beans!

  2. I loved this question! I think the one word I would use to describe people around me is, heartless! It just seems that most people have lost the ability to care and be empathetic to others dealing with difficult times! I really enjoyed this question and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts! I hope that if you have the time, you will check out my site. I always try to encourage and inspire others with the words that I share! I hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Thank you! I try to do the same thing! I’m reading your posts and I’m loving it. Keep up this amazing work! 😀

  3. Home. In part because I am at home with my husband and housemate, and in part because I can be as stubborn or silly or worn down as I need – and it’s ok.

  4. What a good question!
    I’m going to choose the word family.
    I spent a day with my precious neighbor and her kids this week. Her daughter (she’s 7) and I were sharing a hug and I told her I loved her. She told me she loved me and then said she wished we were family because that would be different and special because all their family (and mine) are far away.
    Then we decided we are kind of family in an exceptionally special way, we got to choose to love each other.
    Of course, I’m around my husband and his boys who are my family, but this concept of friends as family is strong in my world, most all of my family (not my daughters) are people I got to choose to have in my life. The people I truly consider family are all friends.

      1. A lot of negative people that complain about a lot, for no real reason then it’s the norm to complain about stupid stuff. A lot of these same people are quite self centered and entitled. It’s exhausting and sometimes it’s so hard to stay positive because of them.

      1. I think most of the time we are all so engrossed in our own lives that we forget to look outside ourselves and see others. But most times I try to console myself that I’m the over sensitive one and that other people are just wired to be that way.

  5. Blind because most of them don’t notice the beauty in the world that I see. Seeing the tiny details of beauty also means you pay the price of noticing the ugliness too.

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