13 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 46

  1. 1) very understanding parents
    2) no financial pressure
    3) have the freedom to contemplate for hours
    4) can connect easily with anyone if I find them a positive influence on me
    5) find it very easy to stay focused on tasks that I like doing say reading poetry, attending my philosophy classes
    6) always have someone to be there for me when in low spirits
    7) have enough time for those I love and really care for
    8) feel at ease with myself
    9) i am blessed to be an only child
    10) feel very self sufficient and take pride in my solitude as I wanna save energy for ppl who are worth my time

  2. Ppl normally have bucket list like oh gotta go watch niagara falls or goto bullet train in europe
    While missing out amazing places in their own country…
    So well I wanna ask them have you seen dhuandhar waterfalls ?
    You haven’t then go check it out

  3. 1. I have a very rewarding job which I look forward to every day
    2. My job gives me the opportunity to travel and to meet inspirational people
    3. I can spend my spare time travelling, I have seen some amazing places and met some amazing people
    4. My parents blessed me with 4 siblings, each one completely different from the other and each with a heart of gold. They are my guaranteed best friends for life!
    5. I have the most flexible, supportive and loving open relationship
    6. I have things in life I am passionate about, like psychology and powerlifting
    7. I have a best friend who I can talk to about my passions for hours
    8. I have the free time to paint, draw and read…a lot
    9. I can switch up where I live, where I work and who I spend time with every few months if I wish (quite easily)
    10. I feel a deep connection with people, with nature and with life! That is the best part 😀

    Good question! And I love your blog ❤ I have only just stumbled on it, look forward to reading more 🙂

  4. 1) Blessed to have a very understanding, down to earth , humble husband.
    2) Blessed with 2 cute, lovely daughters.
    3) Not tied down with any financial burdens.
    4) Have all the time to draw, write and do things that I like.
    5) Have the time to spend on myself without any family obligations, ie in laws .
    6) Blessed to eat good quality , unadulterated food .
    7) Blessed to be born in a family which wasn’t financially poor .
    8) Had a good upbringing without any troubles .
    9) feel happy to be in my own space and experience tranquility.
    10) Feel blessed to be alive each and every day.

  5. 1. The resources (time, etc) to be creative.
    2. A husband who loves me AS I AM – not trying to change me.
    3. Friends I can talk to at any time, about any thing – even after a year’s break.
    4. My kids. Bless them, they’re amazing.
    5. My pets. They love me as I am, as well.
    6. Good medical care – it makes a HUGE difference.
    7. People who allow me to withdraw when I need to, without judgement.
    8. Movies – they’re a luxury to go to, but I love them so!
    9. Books – I love reading, and of course…
    10. Having the education that allows me to read, write, evaluate… I’m in a good place.

    1. I believe that from time to time we should stop and remind ourselves this. The more we practice, the easier it might get 😀

  6. 1 being a momma
    2 the life I’m building with my husband
    3 reading
    4 my soul sisters (have no biological sisters, but am fortunate to have chosen my own)
    5 freedom of movement (to be able to just pack up and go away for a moment on a moment’s notice)
    6 being on a school schedule (being home in the summer)
    7 porch life (a love filled lemon scented paradise)
    8 shared love of baseball
    9 letting my ‘freak flag fly’ (the ability to simply be the me I am without concerns of judgment or repercussions)
    10 how frequently and heartily I laugh with genuine joy and amusement

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