Successful People – Gary Vaynerchuk

   Lately, I’ve started watching videos on YouTube with successful people’s advices and I came across Gary Vaynerchuk (you can find here more details about him). What I love about this guy is the passion he has when he talks about… everything. His level of self-confidence seems to be very high and they way he talks makes me think he knows what he talks about.

   What I also love about this guy is that he says what he thinks no matter how inappropriate it might seem. He doesn’t give a f*ck about what others think about him and he also doesn’t want us to follow him. What he wants is for each and every one of us to find his/hers one way to go through this life with joy and without regrets.

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Gary Vaynerchuk applies in his life.

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12 thoughts on “Successful People – Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. I hadn’t heard of him, but his message resonates. Thanks for sharing this. If we can’t be ourselves, then we will be chasing every ‘will of the wisp’ out there. We can learn from others, nature and life, all the time, and still be ourselves. Hugs for you and thanks for finding my blog. X

  2. Check out impact theory (either on youtube or you will not regret it. Also thanks for following me!

  3. Just read his latest book ‘Crushing It’. He definitely knows his way around digital platforms and how to use them effectively. Great positive attitude. Good stuff.

  4. I love his attitude. Thank you for sharing! I don’t have one favorite – I do try to live all 10… If I had to prioritize (gun to my head) number 7. Go do shit!


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