Instincts and Basic Needs

Dumb people happier   Have you noticed how our mood shifts when we’re hungry? That’s because one of our basic needs is not satisfied and this tries to take over our mind so we can focus on finding food. This is a primary instinct and it affects us more that we would want to, but most of the time we can control it because our conscience is in place. But have you noticed how this control drops when there are some substances in our body that silences our conscience (like alcohol or others) and we get more driven by our primary instincts? The most common example is calling or texting your ex when you’re drunk (some buried feelings pop up and there is no filter to stop them).

   All those basic feelings coming from our instincts (hunger, fear, sexual drive etc.) are the best at changing our mood and I think we should be careful when acting upon them.

   They say we should never make decisions when we’re happy or when we’re sad because we’re not rational at those moments. I think that the same principle applies to the moments when we are driven by our instincts.

   What decisions did you make when you were driven by feelings and you regretted afterwards?

9 thoughts on “Instincts and Basic Needs

  1. I think it’s more important not to make decisions when you’re angry. I am learning it may not be good to write when you’re angry either.

  2. I agree with Wolf that saying things, or writing them when you’re angry is a huge mistake, unless they’re only for your own reference. Venting for example in a journal is a very healthy, and cathartic thing to do. It’s the telling the person, or even worse badmouthing someone to someone else that’s the problem.
    Best wishes,

  3. I think it’s good to vent sometimes coz those who deserve your worst also deserve your best. If we are always rational, we would be robots not humans. But at sametime we can channelize our venting in a good way. But if its just going to be a recurring pattern, then see the triggers.
    I have seen my venting has lead me to know who is real and who is fleeting 🙂
    But it takes time

  4. Since I’m studying Psychology, would also share, if someone is causing you to vent a lot frequently, they aren’t a good influence on you. Surround yourself with good energies. Thats why i always tell my friends, if you wanna vent out go exercise do something else.
    People don’t have to listen to your venting when they themselves have many issues.
    I think pets/dogs are the best for venting 🙂

  5. But this ofc isnt what im studying exactly…
    its more like an application of what you study…. I’m sure what you study in school/college/pursue lifelong is always subtly applied somewhere or the other..
    Like the lion king movie, i never knew hakuna matata which means no worries is what we actually try to imbibe always 🤓

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