Social networks, but anti-social people

Mindful Introspection   Have you noticed that lately there are more and more interactions on social networks, but less and less in real life? How is this possible? There are the same people, right? Apparently not… I think that from behind of a screen, we can create the identity we want and we can twitch that based on identities created by other people, but in real life we are what we are and we can’t hide that.

   I think that most of the time we hide behind of a screen because in this way we have the illusion that we can control our lives. We can choose what we want to let out in “the world” by having time to review and control our output. We can hide our true emotions and no one will ever know what we truly feel about something. We can share our best as normal part of our lives, the same time hiding the negative part. The problem with this is that the others will think there are no negative parts in our lives since they can’t see it, this makes them feel bad and they’ll try to post the best things as well, hiding the negative. This is the opposite of what mass media does. All we see are the negative parts of the world and it’s all presented as the biggest tragedies ever. Since we all have negative parts but we think others don’t have and since we see that tragedies all around the world are so special, we have the false impression that we are the only ones with negative lives. We compare our real selves with the others fake identities and with all the negative parts around this world and this is why we create fake identities on our own so we can be like the others.

   On the internet we can be as tough as we want, as beautiful as we want using filters, we can be as smart as we want and we can also show to be as happy as we want. We are too busy faking this instead of working and learning to get there. People are not used to talk to eachother anymore because they are afraid that the others will see how they truly are… that they are not as tough as they seem on the internet, they are not as beautiful as they show to be, they are not as smart or as happy as they show to be. We are afraid that our real selves are not good enough or interesting enough for the real world, but we never question if the others feel the same because we take their fake identities as being the same with their real ones.

   I think we’re getting better and better at faking our lives and worse at living them. How can we change this?

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  1. YOU almost speak my mind in every blogpost 🙂 infact i feel its my twin writing 😂
    Thats so amazing there are so many birds of the same ilk who think alike 🙂
    Your writing style is as good as Mark manson
    The author of book subtle art of not giving a fuck

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