Why do we ask questions we don’t want to know the answer to?

Why do we ask questions we don_t want to know the answer to?   It is said that knowledge is power. If so, why do we get upset sometimes when we find out some things? I think that it’s because we sometimes have strong beliefs which get in conflict with the answers we are finding out by asking those questions. Ok, but why do we ask the questions if we already have the strong beliefs? I think that it’s because we’re searching for external approval that our beliefs are true and we’re expecting a positive answer.

    I think that if we do ask some question, we should be prepared to get answers we don’t like. The real issue here is what we’re going to do with those answers. Are we going to accept them and learn something from them? Are we going to believe in them? Are we going to refuse them? Are we going to question that answer even more? I think that the best answer to all these questions is that each answer has a certain message to send. But what is the message? Well, we have to ask additional questions to see if there are any conflicting messages.

   When I say asking a question I don’t mean to ask somebody something. You could ask yourself and see the answer through observing that person or situation (you can see here my post about the art of observing the others) because the non-verbal language is harder to control. We are paying attention on what we’re saying (most of the time), but we’re not paying attention to our body language which is sending the real messages.

   But again, why do we ask questions we don’t want to know the answer to? I think that sometimes we can’t help ourselves. In our pursuit of being right, we’re finding answers we don’t like. I don’t know if we should accept them as they are or we should question everything which is exhausting… I’m still working on finding an answer here.

   What are the questions you’ve asked and you hated the answers?

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