A few words about The Law of Attraction

A few words about The Law of Attraction  Have you ever wondered how this law of attraction works? In theory, if you have positive thoughts, the universe will give you positive things, and if you have negative thoughts, the universe will give you negative things. It’s pretty straight forward, right?

   Let’s have a closer look. I don’t know how much the universe is involved in all of this, but here’s how I see it. If you have positive thoughts, you’ll have positive feelings and that will be reflected in your behavior (you’ll smile a lot, you’ll tell jokes, you’ll have more energy to do things, you’ll always find the positive side of each situation, you’ll be nice with people around you and so on). If you have a positive behavior, you’ll determine other people to be positive around you, you’ll work harder because you’ll have more energy and this will bring you good things. So is it really the universe the one giving you positive things or you’re doing it by yourself because of the positive thinking you have? And of course, bad things will also happen around you, but if you have the positive mind set, you’ll ignore those negative things and you’ll concentrate on the positive ones. So it’s not about not receiving negative things, but it’s about truly ignoring them (not just pretending to ignore them).

   The same principle applies to the negative thoughts too. If you have them, you’ll have negative feelings and this will make you grumpy, rude, angry and frustrated. If you have these kind of feelings, your behavior will adjust accordingly. Having a negative behavior means that you’ll have no energy, you’ll be tired all the time and you will not be in the mood of doing anything. Also, your negative behavior will determine the ones around you to ignore you because no one wants to feel bad and you might be rude with them. This will create a feeling of loneliness, which will make you even more sad and grumpy, and you’ll isolate yourself more and more. Again, is the universe the one giving you negative things or you’re doing it by yourself with the negative mindset?

   The mindset we have determines the life we live so it’s important to get in control of our mind because it’s the only way to get in control of our life.

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