There is no such thing as writer’s block

Hello my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. Whether you write, sing, teach, dance, garden, or paint, we’re all creators in some way or another. I’m sure my fellow creators can relate to the impulsive, metaphysical muse that calls us to create out of the blue. It’s a fantastic feeling. When you start creating and keep on creating. But those involuntary instances of inspiration happen far too … Continue reading There is no such thing as writer’s block


Billy Osogo Pointless Overthinking’s byline is: Understanding ourselves and the world we live in. Such an apt encapsulation of my experience here so far. One of the things I enjoy the most from being part of the Pointless Overthinking tribe is the richness of wisdom that manifests itself in our comment sections. It’s mind blowing! Two weeks ago, I wrote an article titled Writing Springs. … Continue reading A FEW THOUGHTS ON WRITING FROM A FEW POINTLESS OVERTHINKERS

The Nothingness of Writing

Billy Osogo Writing is a beautiful and intriguing undertaking. Like most things in life, it makes certain demands of its practitioners. These include monk-like dedication, soldier-like loyalty and child-like curiosity. Ideas are the fuel on which this art runs on. They are as diverse as the billions of writers on this planet. In my experience, ideas come in waves. Most times, the tide is high. … Continue reading The Nothingness of Writing

How To Unlock Your Creative Genius

I was watching an interview with John Cleese recently and he said something that got me thinking. When asked about his creative process he said, “You cannot bully the subconscious. It simply doesn’t work.” He went on to say that his best work always happened spontaneously.  He still had a process of course, it’s just that the muse didn’t always play ball. Often the work … Continue reading How To Unlock Your Creative Genius