Movie Thoughts – I am Legend (2007)

Movie Thoughts   This is a movie about a doctor having to live alone with his dog in a world full of zombies (you can read more about it here). As always, I’m more interested in the psychological impact this loneliness has on the main character. Even though his intelligence is unaltered, his need for social interactions went up to the point he was speaking to plastic mannequins.

   Movies like this makes me wonder how much do we really need to socialize with other people, why and how often. According to this movie, it’s clear we need it, but why? I know that in ancient times we needed to work together to get food and protection, but now we don’t need other people to get those things. What kind of social interactions we need now, with whom and why? Is it the need of sharing things? Is it the need of being part of some group? And I’m not talking about physical interactions. I’m talking about chatting, small talks, hang outs and stuff like that. Is it a matter of spending the extra time in a quicker manner? What’s the point of all this social interactions? I don’t know, but apparently they are pretty important.

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