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Writing Windows and Mirrors

At a recent elementary school open house, my daughter’s third grade teacher said something profound. Well, she said a lot of wise things, because the knowledge of teachers is immense. But one particularly thing about writing and reading that caught my ear. Here it is – that she looks for books for these young readers to be either “windows” or “mirrors.” Windows are the books … Continue reading Writing Windows and Mirrors

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Why Understanding Personality Is Key to Increasing Potential

I recently completed a course on personality theory that I found infinitely fascinating. Today I want to share some thoughts about how this understanding can help us better navigate in the world. You can think of personality as the lens through which we view the world. It functions by filtering the world so we only pay attention to certain things. This then influences the way … Continue reading Why Understanding Personality Is Key to Increasing Potential

Celebrating Differences

Hello! How are you all? Recently, I have been thinking about how different everyone is and I love that! I have a very close friend and in the past few weeks, we have been getting into more heated discussions. I always thought we were similar but these discussions showed me how differently we see a lot things in life. I have been pleasantly surprised. Everyone … Continue reading Celebrating Differences