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The Dramatic Triangle and The Role We Play in It

Why are some relationships harmonious and happy and others seem like a struggle? Why does a personal or professional relationship that seemed good suddenly become difficult? The explanation can be found in the dramatic triangle and in the role played by each of us, according to the theory of Stephen Karpman, a transactional psychologist. Let’s look at an example. Suppose that you spend the day … Continue reading The Dramatic Triangle and The Role We Play in It

Living with Uncertainty

Hi everyone! Until recently, I have struggled with the idea of an ‘uncertain future’. I grew up in a family of government workers. In Turkey, if you work for the government, you are guaranteed for life. You have job security, full health care coverage etc. So, I valued guaranteeing things. But I also have this side of me which sort of does not want to … Continue reading Living with Uncertainty

Challenge: Lack of Safety?

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about challenging ourselves today. We constantly hear that we need to challenge ourselves for personal growth. Our workout should be such that it is not too easy, nor just the level throughout. Rather, it must challenge us a bit. This will lead to bigger strength. If we are afraid of something, say of traveling alone, we should start with places we … Continue reading Challenge: Lack of Safety?