Why I Went To A Taylor Swift Concert

Do you know how hard it is to get Taylor Swift tickets? You literally have to win a lottery!

Well, one of my daughter’s friends did win the lottery, and my daughter ended up with 2 tickets, one for each of us.

People I’ve spoken to assume I went to the concert as a favor to my 24 year old daughter, but I went because I’m a Taylor Swift fan.

Being that I’m a 53 year old male, this seems to catch people by surprise.

I guess people assume that a TSwift audience consists of 70,000 screaming 8 year old girls.

It doesn’t. At least not anymore.

Maybe it did years ago when Swift first hit the scene. Maybe that early image of Taylor is stuck in people’s minds.

But people change and grow.

Now, Taylor is a mature woman in her 30’s, a masterful songwriter who addresses adult issues, a highly successful businessperson, a world-wide superstar with a large catalog of hits, and in some cases- a political activist.  In short- she isn’t 17 anymore.

So don’t be surprised if her fan base includes a wider demographic than screaming, young girls.

Taylor Swift and her fans aren’t the only ones who grow and change.

We all do. Well, most of us anyway.

Is there someone in your life who you might be judging as if they are still in the same state they were when you met them years ago? A co-worker? A friend? A neighborhood kid? Your own kid? Are you seeing them as they are now, or as they they were then?

I would hate to be judged on the basis of who I was many years ago. I’m sure we all would.

Let’s look at each other with fresh eyes. We might meet somebody new. We might even hear some great music.

For a recent, past post with a similar message on how we might judge others, read Life Is A Midway Horse Racing Game?.

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29 thoughts on “Why I Went To A Taylor Swift Concert

  1. My parents, both in the mid-60s, are also big Taylor Swift fans! While it may have started with my little sister listening to her music on car rides, my parents are always thrilled to get the latest CD/album for Christmas or birthdays. You’re not alone! Also, what a great message–to see the people around us with fresh eyes.

  2. Great message Todd! “I would hate to be judged on the basis of who I was many years ago.” I completely agree. A reason why we should readily forgive past mistakes and move on.

  3. Good piece Todd. Can’t say I am a fan of her early music. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of her music now. It is more sophisticated and appeals to a far greater demographics. I don’t go to major shows any more. I stick to local artists, in small venues which is killing me as the Dropkick Murphys are coming to my small town but I’m not going by myself.

    1. Thanks Danny! I wasn’t really into her early stuff either, but my daughter was so I heard it all anyway 😁 But like you said- it’s a whole different thing now. I’m not familiar with Dropkick Murphys but I’ll look them up – thanks for the tip! 😎

      1. The Murphys are outta Boston, primarily hard celtic music. I saw them at an all day music festival years ago. They are an acquired taste.

  4. I am always late for buying tickets of my favorite singers and bands. So, yes, I think you won the lottery. And I agree with you shouldn’t judge anyone on the basis of how they were a long time ago. Moreover, we are still free to choose what we like, aren’t we?

  5. My daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan. She flew from Toronto to Phoenix to go to her opening weekend shows and loved it. I have found it interesting to see how Taylor has evolved and matured as an artist over time. She’s an incredibly talented young woman with a huge and loyal following.

    1. Wow- she is a dedicated fan! 🤯 I agree- she is much more interesting as an artist as she matures.

  6. Love this, Todd. “Let’s look at each other with fresh eyes. We might meet somebody new.” Right – excellent point!! I haven’t been a TSwift fan yet – but maybe I will be. So glad you all got to go to a concert!

  7. Um, her name is Tay-Tay!
    I’ve been debating wading into the secondary/resale market to see what tickets look like here in Portland. I just need to decide if I want to do it. The only person I’d want to take is an old boss from a temp assignment I took back in 2018 – we’re both in our late 50s. But she’s a Swiftie of the highest order: back when we worked together and something went south, she’d just mutter “Another day, another drama, drama, drama” and then be over it.

    1. Good luck- the resale prices in Philly where we saw her were insane! We were lucky enough to get original prices tix and that was pricey enough haha 😁

  8. Yessss, such an important point here. Change is such an essential part of our human journey here on planet 🌎. And still we many times do not let go of how things were or in this case people were.

    1. You’re right- we probably all struggle with it from time to time. Thanks for reading!

  9. I sent this on to my daughter and her three daughters who were NOT fortunate enough to win the lottery, but not for lack of trying! Clearly, you had some angels looking over your shoulder!

    1. I didn’t understand or really pay attention to how the ticket thing was working at the time. I just knew my daughter had planned her schedule around trying to get in, spent time babysitting her spot, didn’t get in, was frustrated, then was offered some from a friend. It was a Swift fan roller coaster ride 😁🎢

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