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We’ve been working hard to mold Wise & Shine into a community for readers and writers. This best of post is intended to provide a peek into the collaborative efforts and other content you may have missed. Please sign up for the newsletter to get information on content and contests.

Heads Up

Podcast Updates: We’ve decided to provide a little thematic focus to the podcast going forward.  Here’s what we’re thinking:  Our podcast will be about blogging and writing.  So, if you’re a blogger or writer, we invite you to discuss your craft and the challenges involved in starting and growing a blog or website.  

We are currently recording new episodes.  If you’d like to participate, reach out

Step 9 is a radio drama in podcast form about family and fortitude. As one reviewer summed it up, “‘Step 9’ from the brilliant troupe at @NormalRep has put out a compelling, polished, brilliant play whose story pulled me in fast and whose characters live in my heart.”

A fantastic cast and great production. A must listen. Search New Normal Rep Step 9 wherever you podcast or go to

Don’t Miss These Great Posts

Troy writes beautifully about the changes that come with aging in Let Me Get this Off My Chest

Jack breaks the mold of cryptic astrological signs and tells us exactly what the signs mean in Your Wise and Shine January Horoscope

Wynne writes about the taste, feel, and memories associated with language in My Love Affair With Words

Cristiana uncovers what loneliness can teach us in Can Loneliness Be a Resource?

Todd beautifully covers parental regret in Dear Daughter, Sorry About That

AP2 proves he has moved past any obstacles he may have encountered in Writer’s Roadblock

The Philosophical fighter writes as only a human can in Why Write in the Age of AI?

Andrew inspires us with Unleashing Human Creativity: Education and the Revival of Human Imagination

Billy ups our game in Lessons on the Game of Life From Board Games

Betul gets us up and moving in Morning Routine Appreciation Post

E.L. Jayne covers the fascinating intersection between Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan in Is Selfishness A Virtue? On Ayn Rand and the impacts of her Philosophy

From the WordPress Community

MSW shows us how to write an About page with Let Me Reintroduce Myself! | Real Life of an MSW

Brian gives us a great pep talk with Where else would you rather be, than right here, right now? – Writing from the Heart with Brian

Fred D spins a beautiful metaphor about Brokenness – Abba’s Art (

Endless Weekend asks great questions like Who’s Afraid of Being Idle? – The Endless Weekend (

Jack covers whether main characters have to be likable in More of a Guideline Than a Rule – The Writing On The Padded Wall

Jane Fritz compiles a great list of laughs A little humour (humor) that reflects on our world of technology | Robby Robin’s Journey (

Todd inspires us with a great story about making an eco difference in RebEarth: Small Victories Count Too – Five O’Clock Shadow (

Davy D digs into writer block and reveals a creative solution in Writer’s Block: Fact or Fiction? – Davy D Writer

Gary Fultz show us how beautiful winter can be with 28,000 Word Frost Collection – garyfultz

Tamara Kulish inspires us to dream big in The Art of Giving ourselves permission to move ahead with a dream – Tamara Kulish

Fairen writes about How to Get More Followers Using WordPress (

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