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Sunday Blues, How to Tackle the Sunday Sadness about Monday

We wait long for the weekend and sometimes we start from the mid of the week to dream about what we would do. But has it ever happened to you on Sunday afternoons,  to feel discomfort, sadness, nostalgia, sometimes a very annoying sense of emptiness? And you don’t know how to explain it? This is called Sunday Blues.  

The idea of going back to work after the weekend causes many of us to feel uncomfortable. The reason is more than obvious if you think that after a couple of days that you have enjoyed your family, friends, or also being alone, another week is about to start with the usual routine, your personal and business commitments.

So, Sunday becomes the most terrible day of the week, showing us the little ability we have to live in the present. Indeed, we are too projected into the future.

Sunday Blues, when it starts

According to a survey conducted in 2012 in Great Britain, 41% of respondents, out of a total of 2,000, revealed not only the anxiety on Monday, but also the malaise that starts lurking since Sunday morning.

Around ten o’clock, for one in six people the first symptoms of Sunday blues begin. Half of respondents described Sunday as the most boring day of the week. Regarding Sunday habits, 75% of respondents said that they do not even go out; 46% would have no conversations, not even by telephone. Yet, 44% admit to feeling envy towards colleagues who enjoy themselves during the weekend. Knowing how to have fun seems to be the solution.

How to avoid Sunday Blues

On Sunday afternoon, we tend to face our reality more aggressively than on other occasions. Loneliness, frustration, and unfulfilled expectations pop up in a different way.

Often, without realizing it, we end up internalizing and avoiding it, thus going to sow the seed of discomfort.

Consequently, Sunday may become synonymous with sadness or boredom.  

Then, why don’t you take the opportunity to get in touch with one or some of your friends, or relatives? This would add value to your Sundays.

Also, try not to be too idle and do some activities that are good for you. Cultivate what you love, your passions and develop your talents. On Sundays you have the time to do that.

Here are some other tips on how to avoid Sunday Blues:

  • Organize the activities to be carried out on Monday from the Sunday afternoon. It will facilitate the transition from the weekend.
  • Choose a relaxing activity at the end of the day.
  • A good book or movie will help you cope better with anxiety.

Remember that in some cases, you may need professional help to manage unpleasant emotions, but in most of the cases you simply would need to create pleasant rituals so that you can start enjoying your Sundays.

Does it happen to you to have Sunday blues? What do you do about it?

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Blues, How to Tackle the Sunday Sadness about Monday

  1. Ha Ha so true. Somethings I try to do is definitely have leftovers for Monday, sleep in and have alarm 15 minutes late for Monday and have a much relaxed schedule (I have that comfort) that way I get rid of the psychological sunday blues😃.

  2. To cope with anxiety about the coming week you could make art, dance, knit, color, cook or any other thing to distract you from the thoughts that make you wanna lie down and cry. I am not very good at it myself but you can always rely on my expert advice, ha-ha

  3. In my previous job I would struggle with this sometimes on Sunday but more so on the last day of a mini vacation. Thanks for affirming that this struggle is indeed real.

  4. I used to call those Sunday blues “the fear” as I seemed to not be anxious about anything specific. Writing has helped, among other practices. But working on a novel, blog post or whatever it may be on Sunday helps me stay in the present moment or day. The ‘fear” has a smaller landing spot in my mind. Thanks!

    1. Oh “the fear” doesn’t sound good to me. Happy that you found your way. Staying in the present moment is definitely useful as well as writing. Thank you for sharing and commenting!

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