Best of December

We’ve been working hard to mold Wise & Shine into a community for readers and writers. This best of post is intended to provide a peek into the collaborative efforts and other content you may have missed. Please sign up for the newsletter to get information on content and contests.

Cool Projects that Make a Difference

The Fulginiti Family Band is donating all proceeds from their new holiday single to Dave Costarella for “My People On The Streets,” an organization to help the homeless in Lancaster, PA.

Their new single, Snowfall, is a bossa nova-influenced cover of Claude & Ruth Thornhill’s somewhat lesser-known classic song from 1941. To download and donate, please visit

Jack Canfora and his online theater company, New Normal Rep, have a mission to bring a diverse array of new and underproduced theatrical works to as wide an audience as possible. In their quest to democratize the theatrical experience, all their projects in 2022 were available to patrons at NO COST.

Do you miss the theater? Projects like the theatrical podcast, Step 9, the NNR reading series, and YouTube contents are a rich source of thoughtful and funny entertainment to keep you fed. Visit to find links to their latest projects and search New Normal Rep Step 9 to listen to Jack’s audio drama.

Don’t Miss These Great Posts

Troy writes beautifully about legacy with I Said Goodbye to a Great Man

Jack breaks the mold of cryptic astrological signs and tells us exactly what the signs mean in Your Wise and Shine Horoscope

Cristiana defines What is Creativity? and suggests methods to boost it

Todd calls our best and highest selves in The True Power of Our Artificial Christmas

AP2 writes about when the conditions that undercut our ability to experience meaning in Stalling: Why We Lose Lift

The Philosophical Fighter cleverly exposes our assumptions in Family Traditions: A Recipe for Realization

Andrew pens an homage to what really grounds us in Longing for Home

Art uncovers what really make us most joyous in Hashtag (#) Everyone

Billy encourages us to experience the antidote to toxicity in Want to Sober Up? Try Nature

Betul illuminates the Hidden Dreams in Life

SeekerFive discusses Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Depressants and Environmental Causes of Depressions: Johann Hari’s Lost Connections

E.L. Jayne has had a huge year. And not just in quitting her job, traveling and starting a graduate program, but in reading: I read over 100 books this year and here are my recommendations

From the WordPress Community

Mitch Teemley has an entertaining and eclectic montage for the end of 2022

Blessed With a Star On the Forehead has a lovely post about art and kissing and who can argue with that combo?

Cheryl Oreglia has a great reflection on miracles in the midst of the blues. Plus her book, Grow Damn It! is available on pre-order from Black Rose (Promo code PREORDER2022)


Episode #14: Billy Osogo, citizen of Nairobi, Kenya, teaches Troy Headrick about “ubuntu” and the importance of this concept in African culture.

Episode #13: Wise & Shine staff writers Troy Headrick and AP2 discuss the writing process, art, creativity, regrets, and a host of related topics.

Episode #12: Wise & Shine staff writers Wynne Leon and Todd Fulginiti discuss the inspiration and process of taking risks and trying new things.

Episode #11: Wise & Shine writers Troy Headrick and Cristiana Branchini discuss freedom, money and related topics.

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  1. I haven’t caught all of the podcasts yet, but the posts are fantastic! And it’s so fun learning about other readers that I’m unfamiliar with. Hope you all had a wonderful and very happy new year!

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