The Unnecessary Question

From the human perspective, we often directly or indirectly ask the following question of our family, friends, and peers: “Are you with me?” Depending on the answer that we receive, we may feel bolstered, ridiculed, or even abandoned. The time waiting to know if they will support us can feel unbearable. Within the psychological structure of the “person,” there is a part of us that seeks assurance in numbers; to know that we won’t be forced to push our personal boulder up the mountain alone. During various challenging circumstances of our lives, this can seem incredibly important.

Through Grace we know that this question–“Are you with me?”– need ever be asked of God; for we realize, that we, as the body-mind, are living proof that God is with us. Every heartbeat, every breath, and every step is permeated with, and initiated by, the essence of our Creator. With a deeper understanding of the divine matrix, we know that “I and the Father are one,” as related in the Bible, are not just empty words describing a theory but, indeed, FACT. The word omnipresent (which is often used to describe God’s nature) also rings loud and clear as Truth; for we realize–through direct experience–that there is literally no place in which God is not. Therefore, wherever we are, so, also, IS God.

Fooled by the evidence of the senses, the mind’s egoic perspective will attempt to convince us that the words above express a belief only; for the person (which is actually a conceptual identity only) bases its apparent existence upon time and the world of form. Through the mind’s logic, it will inform us that life beyond it (which, ironically, is dependent on the One and Only LIFE) is a hope at best and a hoax at worst. Asserting the false claim that it is the doer, it incessantly screams that we are a separate individual in a cold harsh world and must face our challenges alone.

In a flash of realization, the story told by the ego can evaporate into nothingness from which it originated. By engaging our intuition and listening to the pointings of awakened Beings who have gone before us, our faith that there is a greater dimension within us can be strengthened, and known. In the still silence, beyond the machinations of the mind, the Absolute lies waiting to be recognized. As expressed by scripture, it is true that the Source of our Being will never leave us. Here, right now, it is eternally the real YOU.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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4 thoughts on “The Unnecessary Question

  1. Such a beautifully rich post, Art. Loved the recognition that we’re a part of something much bigger than our own microcosmic part of the universe – and because of His omnipresence, it’s a constant. I’ve never heard these concepts interwoven this way, but your words were just what the doctor ordered for today. Thank you for this most lovely and timely reminder!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words about the post. I’m glad that the message served a good purpose for you today. Yes, “This” is the constant; and to feel It and know It, is the source of great peace. 🙏

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