Confidence: Mettle In Metal

Look at this guy! Standing there in a pond full of flowers with an old, student model trumpet in his hands; bell facing the busy road, leaning back, aiming the notes to the sky. That’s confidence!

As a metal sculpture, this man’s lips are unlikely to function properly, and he probably won’t be able to produce a good trumpet tone. In fact I haven’t heard a single note out of him in the five years he’s been standing here! His horn is in terrible condition after being left out in the elements for half a decade. The odds of success are totally stacked against him.

And yet here he is, proudly offering his gifts to the world without doubt or inhibition.

Gutsy. Bold. Bad Ass. 

He’s not worried about what people will think of his playing. He’s not worried if they’ll like his song. He isn’t listening to those who tell him he can’t do it or that he’s not good enough, that his sculpted lips won’t vibrate or that he needs a better instrument.

He takes what he has to offer and sends it out into the world. 

Gutsy. Bold. Bad-Ass. Inspirational.  Educational.

There are too many times when I doubt myself, wondering if my skills and offerings are of any value.  Will anybody read my writing? Will it mean anything to them? Will they think I’m a good writer? 

As a trumpet player myself, I often wonder what people think of me as I’m standing in front of them, blowing brass-tinged air into their faces. Maybe they think I should’ve practiced more.  Maybe they’re right.

Self-doubt, in small doses, can be a healthy part of human nature, leading to self-reflection and improvement.  But sometimes finding the balance is tricky.

Fortunately my metal-faced, trumpet playing hero gives us a model to follow, encouraging us to stand tall and breathe deep as we blow our gifts out into the community with joy, hope and pride.

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20 thoughts on “Confidence: Mettle In Metal

  1. Wow! I’m really impressed with your writing here. There’s nothing wasted and you say a lot very clearly and efficiently. (I wish I could compare this to something musical, but I don’t know music well enough for that.) It’s like understated yet powerful. It’s a full meal, but the person “consuming” this wouldn’t feel stuffed. Know what I mean? This is one of your best pieces, Todd!

    1. Wow Troy- thanks so much for the high praise! I very much appreciate it, especially coming from you- you made my day! 🙂

      1. Haha thanks Charlie! As a full time yet constantly frustrated “talk to text” user- I’m very familiar with that type of gibberish 😂

  2. I like this theme and your voice in it. Light, and inspiring! I have been thinking along these lines also but I don’t have a statue! Thank you! – David

  3. Yeah, we all get insecure and brassed of at times. But at the end of the day, there’s something to be said for letting go, being willing to suck by putting oneself out there and at the end of the day not giving a shit. It’s a sweet surrender. And whether realized or not, other people respect that. That’s the stone truth. Thank you for sharing Todd.

  4. Beautifully penned, Todd!
    I agree with,”Self-doubt, in small doses, can be a healthy part of human nature, leading to self-reflection and improvement.” Because there is always room for improvement.
    Best wishes.

  5. Brilliant, poignant, insightful, inspirational, and so, so true. Can’t speak for your trumpeting because I haven’t heard you play, but your writing speaks to my heart.

  6. Stand tall and breathe deep – right on! I can relate so well to the self-doubt so I really resonate with the balance you find here. Beautiful post, Todd.

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