The speed of life

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great time this weekend!

I am having a lot of thoughts about the conditions that allows us to discover our true nature. I have been a believer that we can truly ‘go with the flow’ if we actually can flow, meaning that we can understand and align with our own nature. This means understanding how we think, feel and react and try not to change it (unless it is truly harmful). For example, I have an impulsive nature. I tend to react quickly and try to fix it later. When I used to think that this is wrong and I need to change it, it became worse. Then I thought: Maybe let’s not change it but understand it. I looked into when I was reacting and how. This approach just naturally decreased my impulsiveness. I also made a point to focus on the positive effects that come with my impulsive nature (for example, ability to take risks, spontaneity, initiating) and tried to focus on that rather than it being wrong. This, in turn, made it possible for me to highlight my strengths and have a better self image.

But the real point I want to make today is that this change in my approach came only when I was able to slow life down. I had many stagnant months last year where nothing happened. I did not really have to do anything about my dissertation because it was complete and it was too early for job applications. So i took this unique time for me and slowed it even further by deactivating all my social media accounts for about 5-6 months. Everything was very slow at the time and that is when this change happened. That made me think that we really need to slow down in whatever way it is applicable to us to be able to grasp what is really going on in life. Now, I moved to a city which is way to calm for me. But precisely because of that, I am excited to see what personal changes this will bring about. I know I will understand my flow much better here because life is slow here.

What do you think about the connection between understanding our nature and ability to go with the flow? Do you think slowing down helps with it? Can you slow down your life? Let’s discuss!


15 thoughts on “The speed of life

  1. Yes, I agree. Taking time to slow down each day is critical. Personally, it improves my mood and so I can connect better with the people around me making life easier.

  2. “Going with the flow” is kind of my standard operating procedure. I’m probably too relaxed for most people. That said, I’m also not great with risk-taking and major life changes, so I could use some of your personality in mine.

  3. I think its all about being mindful. One should be able to be in the moment and that certainly requires being in control on one’s mind.

  4. I think that slowness is an asset and should be considered an added value. One person who is slow will have more time to think before acting or reacting. And maybe take a more appropriate action (but about this we will know only as long as time passes by).

  5. I think that slowing down and getting off of all social media is extremely helpful. Sometimes I do that as way of refreshing my state of mind and it ALWAYS works!

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