Be Kind — Everyone’s Fighting A Battle

Either Help Them Or Fight Your Own

I’m not going to stress over using a lot of subtitles here. I’ll right get to the point.

We’ve grown a long nose. It’s a bizarre truth. But it is. And the second ugly truth is that the nose has got real pokey. I mean REALLY pokey. It’s disturbing people a lot.

People are trying to focus. But they can’t! Since they fear that a nose might poke into their lives and smell something “fishy.” 🙄

Every step a person takes, he/she has to check whether a nose is approaching him/her or no.

“What are you doing? Are you supposed to do stuff like this? What about your career? How will you manage your expenses?”

What’s your deal? I am going to fight my battle the way I want to. I’ll use a spear. Because I assume it’s right to do so. You think it’s a sword, go ahead! Why force everyone to use a sword?

We, as humans are getting troublesome for each other. Rude, unkind and apathetic.

“Be kind. Everyone you fight is fighting a hard fight.”
John Watson

My inspiration for this post comes from the above quote.

We are no more considerate of others. The only interest we take in others is either negative or no interest.

Sometimes, taking no interest could be a good choice. But taking negative interest or poking others is the worst of all.

I am fighting this habit of mine. Whenever I’m with my friends, I make lame comments and remarks on them. And the sad thing is, that all of us do that hand in hand.

What you might say under the force of such a habit is unpredictable. And what might hurt whom and to what extent, is also erratic!

We mock other people. We pick out their mistakes and poke them with it again and again.

If someone’s trying to change for reals. Or is trying to forget something embarrassing that happened to them in the past. We’re the ones who fool around and play with their emotions.

Many times, we are just joking. But this jokey attitude is hurting people. He/She is fighting himself and now he has your remarks and comments to fight with, too.

Pulling people back to their past, rather dragging them, is also one of the habits we foster.

Someone’s fighting their ego, someone’s fighting their ingenuity, someone’s fighting their past traumas. What fun will we get by adding on to their burden?

I was once standing on my balcony and saw one of the elders in our colony walking. Immediately my mind started judging him.

He’s egoistic. He’s bossy. What does he think of himself? He thinks he’s the boss out here.

All of a sudden, a flash of realization came to me. “Even he’s fighting his ego. He might not be knowing it. Evil is evil. It requires hard work to maintain it.”

In an instant, I felt compassion for him.

I feel bad after I criticize someone. My force of habit makes me do it every time. Whenever I’m with my friends or with a group, this evil takes over.

When a kid bumps into me during soccer, I retort in anger saying, “Watch yourself, you idiot!”

That isn’t cool. I left an expression on a person of anger. Now he has to deal with me too. I’ve become nothing more than a pain for him.

People think, “One simple word or negative encounter isn’t going to matter much. No big deal!”

Even I used to think the same way. But an experience while playing soccer changed my thoughts completely. (Soccer’s teaching me a lot!)

During the game, a guy elder to me retorted at me the same way, I did when that kid had bumped into me. It felt bad. And it felt worse since I couldn’t say anything back to him.

After that, whenever I saw him, the same memory of getting humiliated used to come up.

But I did realize one thing that day,

“What I don’t like for myself, I can’t repeat it with anyone else.”

Although I do slip on this principle number of times. But deep down, I know that I have to change this pattern.

No excuses.


I can’t be a pain for people anymore. People have enough pain to handle and are creating more and more for themselves.

Before judging or criticizing anyone, give a thought about the struggles he/she is facing. Many people have realized their pain. Many people haven’t. That doesn’t make much of a difference.

We all are going through tough times. Being compassionate for one another is a must. Either we should be kind. Or we should have no contact.

Many people might not be that considerate. And may get intolerable at times. For such intolerable people, disconnection is the best option. It is not necessary that you love everyone on the face.

Some might take your love for granted and make fun of you. This will further demotivate you from the Compassion program. For such people, having a gentle wish for their well-being is enough.

After all, even these people are carrying so much pain that they’ve now started inflicting on others. This mere thought will fill you with forgiveness for that person.

All in all, the point is that we’ve to stop being a burden on each other. By inflicting anger, hatred and jealousy, we are increasing the collective pain.

Even staying neutral is better. Because it is preventing us from troubling anyone’s mind.

I would like to quote John Watson again,

“Be kind. Everyone you fight is fighting a hard fight.”
John Watson

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19 thoughts on “Be Kind — Everyone’s Fighting A Battle

  1. Brene Brown has a very similar message in Braving the Wilderness. She says it’s hard to have compassion for those who seem mean, belligerent or who hurt others, and it’s an ongoing struggle, but if we’re going to make the world a more compassionate place, we have to try. She says it better than I do. I’d recommend the book.

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