43 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 222

    1. This is the same thing I was thinking.
      Telling someone, “it’s ok, it’s fine” when it really was not. Trying to protect another instead of advocating for my feelings. It felt like a quick fix but actually hindered true resolution.

      1. From age 15 to 28. I joined a support group of married/separating men at 28 and met men who were 75 years old and still in the closet; this made me feel a whole lot better about my life.

  1. I don’t… 🙂

    “I have a greater peace of mind by being straightforward and truthful about myself, with open heart and mind, knowing the outcome being uncertain, rather than to wake up tomorrow morning and have to deal with a falsehood I told yesterday.” (Larry “Dutch” Woller )

  2. Lies to myself… like: I’m not stressed, when I am. It can wait until tomorrow, when it can’t. I won’t think about it, and it’s the only thing on my mind because I need to deal with it but don’t want to

      1. Great question. I think all contribute to the stress, causing me to be a tad cranky. So, slowly I’m peeling away layers of the tasks that can’t wait until tomorrow. I moved and unpacking is a nightmare. It really can’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow will end up 10 years from now!

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