New Collaboration

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

As you’ve probably noticed, I lately use some very interesting images to complete the ideas I want to transmit through my words. This is possible thanks to the new collaboration I have with the awesome illustrator Adrian Serghie, who is a brilliant artist and one of my closest friends.

I would like to dedicate this post to thank him for providing the amazing thought-provoking drawings, which are a great source for contemplation.

Your insights are very valuable; therefore please feel free to share your thoughts about the drawings whenever you want. You and your feedback are the ones that drives us to do whatever we can to get better at doing our sh*t.

Both Adrian and I are looking forward to see your thoughts about the drawings!

9 thoughts on “New Collaboration

  1. I love the drawings! Adrian is quite talented! I will be doing a collaboration effort with an illustrator friend myself soon. Hopefully it will be as effective as yours has been.

  2. I have been meaning to write this since a week! I noticed the drawings when the first one popped up and I went WOW! I have been a huge fan of Picasso since my teenage years. His style was macabre and unlike the conventional pretty paintings the world loves. Adrian’s style reminded me of my love for Picasso! I even googled him up after I saw his first drawing! I totally love your collaboration. And I totally loved his work for my guest post yesterday. I rarely get to use the word Kafkaesque is my daily life and I remember using it for his drawing in one of your previous posts!( I think I’m sounding like a gushing teenager now!!)

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