Movie Thoughts – How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Question of the Day Logo   This animated movie is about a young Viking boy who brakes all the rules and gets a dragon as a pet (you can see more about it here). And by breaking the rules I mean that he goes against his Viking legacy which is all about killing the dragons.

   In my opinion, this movie is a great showcase of what a “rebel” goes through. So many fears are present there all the time and he still does what he feels to be right even though from a cultural point of view is very very wrong. And guess what? In the end, it turned out that his way is the best way. The thing is that until he got to the point of leading by example, he had to face lots of critique and rejection. We all know that this always happens when someone tries to do something, even though it’s not necessarily something new.

   All it takes is balls. Balls to trust yourself, balls to go against everything people think they know, balls to do what you think it’s right because critique and negativity is all around ourselves and there are people that can’t wait to talk sh*t about anyone and anything because that’s the only way they can feel good about themselves. When people cannot do shit with their lives, they try to bring others down because they cannot take the responsibility of their lives. When it’s everyone’s fault for the situation they’re in, they need to do sh*t so their lives improve, but once they realize it’s their fault, it hurts.

   I like how this movie shows the idea that words cannot change the world if they’re not accompanied by visual examples. There are people that cannot believe something even if they see it with their eyes so you can imagine how open they are for something so “useless” as words.

   I’d love to see your views about this movie since there are some ideas in it that can be used as a motivating force to drive us forward. So what do you think about it?

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  1. One of my favourite movies of all time! Just wanted to be the first to post! I haven’t even read your thingy yet! BUT ONE OF MY FAVOURITES!!!!! OF ALL TIME!!!!!

  2. Ok, so now that I’ve read your post I can actually give you my two pennies worth.
    It’s quite heart-breaking for Hiccup because he was the scrawny nerdy kid of the village’s BRAWNY LEADER. He just wants to not be a disappointment to his dad… So of course he lies about what he’s really up to. He uses his own personal strength (his mind) instead of the physical strength which the town recognised as being of any real worth. And because it’s a kids film, yay for happy endings with only minimal amputations!
    The ultimate message behind this film (IMO) is that you should be true to yourself and stand by your own personal values, regardless if they differ from other people. By being true to yourself and coming from a place of LOVE (so that means DON’T BE A HOMICIDAL MANIAC if that’s your personal value…) each individual has worth. Being different doesn’t make anyone LESS, it’s just difference. But finding a way to harmonise the differences within the greater collective? The differences make the community MORE. It’s beautiful, really.
    If you liked this film I would recommend you watch Rise of the Guardians. Another one of my faves.

    1. I loved the movie because it represents the fact that it will be great in the end if we truly believe in what we do and if we stay true to ourselves.
      Thank you for your recommendation!!

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  4. Am I glad or what!! It is a relief to find another “Adult” who loves this movie as much as I do!! I was in love with Hiccup and Toothless when I saw the movie for the first time. It felt like finally there are people who are like me. People cut from a different cloth. The quiet rebels’. This movie was a huge motivating factor during some of the toughest times I faced while trying to keep a fledgling business afloat. Multiple times I was on the verge of giving it all up and suddenly out of nowhere there would be rerun of this movie on TV and I took that as a sign of staying put. Strange, isnt it? Many a times, a movie and it’s character teach us life’s most valuable lessons. Another movie close to my heart is KungFu Panda 1.

    1. We can find so many reliefs in movies because we can see how someone like us can end up great in the end. We usually don’t believe it until we see it.

  5. I love this movie – Toothless is such an adorable “monster” – and I think that knowing what you’re really facing is far more important than what imagination tells you is there. Hiccup just gets me right in the feels; here he is, this creative, clever and thoughtful kid – who just wants to be appreciated and liked. I particularly love it when he figures out how to tame all the other dragons, giving some fun and adventure for the other kids who want to be something *more*. I think the movie reflects perseverance (How many times do they rebuild their town?) and flexibility of thought (Monsters to friends.)

    I have to say, I’m disappointed in your use of “balls, ballsy, etc.” Can we agree that reproductive organs are not what make people create or try again?

    1. I’m okay with the use of “balls”. They’re soft and easily hurt, so guys keep talking about them because we have to turn out weaknesses into our strengths! (If we own our weaknesses, our “tender, fleshy, goopy gonads”… then no one can “hurt them” with their words. lol) That’s why women are awesome because our’s are on the inside. We know how to protect what’s important. 😉
      Maybe vagina should be the replacing word for balls. Kick us in the vag? Yeah, it hurts. But it hurts the same if you kicked us anywhere else. Except the titties. Those our some fleshy soft fun and pain bags.

      1. I tell women to “egg” up, LOL – instead of using the ball thingy. I just…am tired ofit sounding like men are the only ones who have the equipment to get things done. *grump*

      2. EGG UP! Love it! Hahaha! I just say “harden the fuck up” like the almighty Mark Chopper Read.
        To be honest though, I’m not really fussed about the gender divide in language. No one uses their reproductive gonads to get shit done, except for recreation or procreation. Balls and eggs are small and round. They’re essentially on “stand by” unless it’s baby making time. Both capable of creating life but ineffective without the other to activate it.
        However I do think it’s bullshit for any gender or person to act all entitled and righteous because of their privilege, and do believe in equal opportunity (although not equal result. success has to be earned).

      3. It’s interesting to see how a “men related” word is associated to the idea that only the men are capable of doing that thing. I’ve never thought about it in this way. For me, ideas are genre free.

    2. Of course not. Even though it might sound like, it’s not a men thing. It’s just an expression for courage. In my country, women use the same men genitals to express the same ideas. It’s cussing without genre related even though the words itself are genre related.

  6. Really want to watch it but i blurry forgot about the movie is on showing because the last 2 weeks it’s still “coming soon” movie. Love the movie. Never miss since the first movie. I should watch it before it end. Ya, the movie is good since the first one. Even the first movie, he had hard time to convince the people because the people see him “different”. Against the tides by taking care a dragon as pet, shows how a perspective can be so different, so alien, so strange from one to another. Maybe. It’s just my humble opinion on this particular movie thoughts.

    1. Perspective can be strange when it’s new. If it’s a good thing or a bad thing, we cannot tell in the beginning.

  7. Really? I had hard time to explain a perspective that’s not really new but seemly strange to some people. For me, perspective is something that hard to change or hard to see because it nurtured from the beginning of your life, how you look things, what you see, what your hear, influence by the environment, situation, surrounding, culture, norms and people. Errr… i think so.

    1. That is one perspective. The ability to see others usually comes when we are open to see it, otherwise we’ll reject everything that doesn’t match that one perspective we develop since our beginning.

  8. I also read some time back, that the concept of slaying the dragon is actually an alchemical one. It represents the destruction of the primal bondages of our lives, so that we can proceed further on the path to a higher state.

    It makes sense, when you think about it, because the dragon sits on a mound of gold and treasure (material things), and is typically fire breathing; the lowest chakra is hot, fiery and primal.

    1. Yes, it does make sense. Slaying our dragons can have an cathartic effect which can indeed release us from our past. Thank you for sharing this insightful idea! 😀

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